New entrance to Altaona: an architectural landmark


Pacheco & Asociados Architects has not only designed the show homes for the luxury homes, but was also commissioned to design a new entrance to the luxury urbanization ALTAONA as an architectural landmark that could be seen from the highway from Murcia to San Javier RM-19.


Design of the entrance to the luxury urbanization

This double-skin portico and more than 9m high is an impressive work on the Spanish coast. With total visibility from the motorway, this architectural landmark provides free publicity for the luxury development, not only as a claim, but as a point of reference on the RM-19 motorway with high vehicular traffic throughout the year.

Access control to the luxury urbanization

This monumental entrance has a practical use for a luxury urbanization and is to control both pedestrian and vehicular access, and a checkpoint has been incorporated with all kinds of electronic devices such as a video camera for car access control with recognition barriers. number plates and telephone contact with the security company headquarters.

The sentry box also has a toilet for security guards and a first floor with access from the inside to a storage room.


Modification of the road layout

In order to gain access through this entrance, the access road to the luxury urbanization has been modified and permission has been obtained not only from the Murcia City Council but also from the Autonomous Community.