How to use white color in the decoration of your home?

white decoration

White radiates calm and brings light in any room. White walls, furniture, curtains, any accessories … A lot of white! All colors have an effect on how we feel, each of them has a different influence, and white brings energy and purity, an accent color and, combined with wood or pastel colors, can provide for a completely different style in each room.

The Nordic style is characteristic for the repeated use of white in rooms, decoration, walls… The best thing about this color is that it can help us to hide irregular corners and walls.



Generally, white is the most used color for walls in houses. It combines perfectly with almost all types of decoration because there are different shades of white available and thus, we can achieve one or the other for each style:

  • Cream White/off-white: A white room can be a very relaxing refuge, and using this tone will be great if combined with curtains and bedding in ivory white tones. Playing with the combination of white fabrics in your bedroom, can relax the atmosphere and bring relaxation to the space. We love the option of white walls and ceilings with touches of color in furniture and accessories.


  • Nuclear white: A very classic way to treat the walls of our home, wooden doors and furniture is to paint them with a bright white nuclear tone. This setting also works very well in spaces with modern decoration. Painting walls, furniture and wood panelling with nuclear white will create the feeling of spaciousness: the walls of a small room painted in a nuclear white tone will suggest amplitude.


  • Ivory white: A usual objection of some people about painting certain rooms in white is the sensation of coldness in, for example, kitchens, where a slight ivory tone could be a more satisfying option. Ivory is perfect for rooms that have parquet and rooms that are illuminated by halogen lights that emit clear light. A white kitchen can always provide for what you are looking for. The variety of styles is unlimited: modern, classic, rustic or sober spaces.


How to use white color in the decoration of your home?
How to use white color in the decoration of your home?
  • Greyish white: This tone is used on the walls of many art galleries and museums. It transmits sophistication and gives the feeling of a backdrop. For this reason, it is the most common color used for the living room, especially for the wall where the television is located.



The combination of white with wood brings elegance and identity, we can find lots of incredible furniture, or even recycle our own. Choosing wood in floors, beams, or a piece of furniture that has prominence in a white room, will bring warmth to the room. Cherry wood, oak, mahogany, pine, teak… the list is extensive and there is an incredible variety of furniture from which we can choose.

Find your style and get inspired by these examples:

How to use white color in the decoration of your home?


You can create the sense of space in your bathroom by flooding it with white. It is ideal to combine white with small details of color: wooden mirrors, a colored shower… An option that will give a significant change to your bathroom is to renew the tiles or to paint them. White is a good choice for furniture or walls in bathrooms, it is timeless and you can combine it with any other color. Of course, we recommend to not choosing it for the floor, because it will appear as dirty rapidly.


White walls and colored furniture, or even wood, creates a very inspiring composition and provides for brightness and spaciousness.



Pink combined with white brings peace and calm. In bedrooms, it is an ideal color to find relaxation. We can choose pink bed linen or play with the accessories choosing this color as predominant. It is important to choose the shade of pink in line with the style we want to achieve because with this white-pink combination we can create both a romantic and calm style or a more ground-breaking style, depending on the tone and the combination we make.


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