New entrance to Altaona Golf: an architectural landmark


Pacheco Architects has not only designed the show homes for the luxury homes, but was also commissioned to design a new entrance to the luxury urbanization ALTAONA GOLF & COUNTRY VILLAGE as an architectural landmark that could be seen from the highway from Murcia to San Javier RM-19.


Design of the entrance to the luxury urbanization Altaona Golf

This double-skin portico and more than 9m high is an impressive work on the Spanish coast. With total visibility from the motorway, this architectural landmark provides free publicity for the luxury development, not only as a claim, but as a point of reference on the RM-19 motorway with high vehicular traffic throughout the year.

Modification of the road layout

In order to gain access through this entrance, the access road to the luxury urbanization has been modified and permission has been obtained not only from the Murcia City Council but also from the Autonomous Community.

Altaona Golf & Country Village

Living in the luxurious Altaona Golf and Country Village offers a unique experience that combines the beauty of the natural environment with the benefits of modern living. Located amidst serene landscapes, this urbanization is a refuge for those who value health and well-being. The presence of natural spaces around the town stimulates the production of endorphins, strengthens the immune system and improves general well-being. The open spaces within Altaona Golf and Country Village provide residents with a sense of freedom and integration with nature, making the stunning surrounding landscape an extension of their homes.

Furthermore, the low population density of Altaona Golf & Country Village stands out as a great attraction. This aspect ensures a peaceful living environment while fostering a sense of community among residents. In addition, the town has controlled access design by Pacheco Architects, providing residents with security and comfort at all times. This combination of natural beauty, health benefits and safe living makes Altaona Golf and Country Village an ideal location for those seeking a luxurious and harmonious lifestyle.

Access control to the luxury urbanization

The grand entrance of this luxury development has more than just an aesthetic purpose; It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of residents. This monumental entrance is designed to meticulously control pedestrian and vehicle access, creating a safe environment for all who live there. At the heart of this system is a sophisticated checkpoint, equipped with a series of electronic devices to monitor and manage entry and exit.

One of the key features of this checkpoint is a high-resolution video camera, installed specifically for vehicular access control. This camera is integrated with advanced recognition technology capable of identifying license plates, thus ensuring that only authorized vehicles can access the premises. Additionally, the system is configured to facilitate direct telephone contact with the security company’s headquarters, allowing immediate response and coordination in the event of security breaches or unusual activities.

In addition to these high-tech features, the entrance also includes a well-equipped sentry box. This is not just a simple guard post; It houses a bathroom for the convenience of security guards, guaranteeing their comfort during long days of service. In addition, the sentry box is designed with a practical layout, including a first floor that can be accessed from the inside. This floor leads to a storage room, which provides additional space for safety-related equipment or other necessary materials. This comprehensive approach to security, combined with the careful design of the entrance and its facilities, reflects the commitment to security, luxury and comfort that is the hallmark of this development.

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