Luxury Mansion in Riyadh


A client from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia was impressed by our projects shown on our website and contacted us so that we could design a luxury housing that would stand out from all the constructions in Riyadh.


Luxury housing in Riyadh

The project is inspired by the contemplative concept of an oasis in the middle of a large cosmopolitan city. The house would be built on three floors and with a total of 629.35m2 built.

The central idea of this house was to design the gardens, swimming pools in the basement of the plot in order to achieve a more accentuated privacy for his family from the adjoining neighbors.

Luxury housing layout

The luxury housing is planned, as previously stated, in a basement where the recreational area is contemplated, such as a billiard room, a family room, private terraces, an access control booth and a garage for 3 large cars.

On the ground floor is the noble area which is accessed by a bridge after passing the security checkpoint, you enter a distributor that divides the floor into two areas: on the left are the kitchens (clean kitchen and dirty kitchen) .

In the central axis is the staircase and elevator and to the right the dining room and main hall.

On the first floor there are 4 bedrooms all with bathroom en suite.

Worth mentioning is the master bedroom of this luxury housing of about 40 m2 with a 16 m2 bathroom.

On the second floor is the service area with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room with an ironing area.

Privacy and light

All this luxury housing converges towards the large central garden that is divided into a pool area, private terraces and chill-out.

The garden is completely symmetrical with a fountain as its central axis and completely surrounded by exuberant landscaping using native plants.

A modeling of the adjoining buildings was enhanced to analyze whether the gardens could be seen from those buildings. From the study it was possible to conclude that with the placement of certain palm trees in strategic places privacy was assured.

Luxury and simplicity

Spanish ceramics and marbles were used as the base of the finishes along with the use of lattice-type walls both on the exterior and the interior, trying to achieve a play of light and shadow reminiscent of the Middle East.

Almost all the interior spaces are open and with cross ventilation to achieve an ideal environment during several months of the year without the use of air conditioning.

3D video of this luxury hosing

In our architecture studio we present to our clients how the final result of the houses will be through videos made in 3D. On our YouTube channel, you can find the complete video of the luxury house design for Riyadh.

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