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Inacua, a large pool with many uses


Pacheco Architects was selected to design the first Olympic pool in Murcia. Inacua aquatic center was the first to be built in Murcia and created a before and after as a sports center in Murcia. It has the only heated Olympic pool in the city, which allows the development of all kinds of sports disciplines and the most innovative sports and health programs. Complemented by a shallow thermoludic pool where collective activities for children and adults are carried out.


Inacua, Sports Center

  • Inacua was designed with a 25x50m Olympic pool.
  • Learning pool (8 x 12.5m)
  • Spa area
  • Thermoludic pool
  • Cervical cascade
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Turkish bath

Every sporting activity requires its moment of relaxation. After a complete workout you can enjoy the hydromassage pool, the sauna and the Turkish bath in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

The pools and jacuzzi were built suspended in the air in order to have access from the basement to their glass from the outside and in case they had any leaks, they could be fixed without having to close to the public.

Apart from the main pool, this sports center has another 25 m x 17,5m splash pool and a large jacuzzi of about 40 m², all this aquatic activity is located on the ground floor together with the changing rooms and large entrance hall giving shape this building.

A large acoustically controlled space

Due to the elongated size of the building we calculated that acoustics would be a big problem as the building is elongated and children tend to shout so we designed the roof as a concert hall by covering the building with a corrugated roof with the idea of breaking any echo that could be produced.


A first floor with gyms and restaurant

On the first floor are the rest of the sports activities, gyms, multipurpose rooms, restaurant and building control office.



A basement full of filter plants, water treatment and air conditioning for this large space.

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