Ibizan villa in Orihuela


This project has been a great challenge for Pacheco Architects. The Ibizan villa stands on a 1.263 m² plot with several adult pine trees. We will try to maintain the original vegetation whenever possible, and we proposed a landscape design with a selection of native plants that require little water.

An Ibizan Villa by the sea

Our clients dreamed of an Ibizan villa and we began to design this luxury villa knowing that the job was going to be difficult: The plot has a high-voltage electricity pole in one of its corners and lacks views of any landscape value.

The clients wanted to build a luxury villa, but at a reasonable price.

We got down to work trying to avoid the problem of views by creating spaces within the plot with a particular atmosphere depending on the location of the plot. For example, we create a gazebo that connects the pool beach with a very special place to meet friends or the introduction of an internal patio to project light into the heart of the home.

Also worth noting is the small retreat in one corner of the garden, a semicircle of seats surrounded by bamboo for privacy from the rest of the garden.

The materials and decoration were carefully chosen to provide the villa with the Ibizan air required by our clients.

A villa with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a toilet.

An “open plan” dining room and kitchen is the center of this villa. These spaces are flooded with light thanks to an internal Mediterranean-style patio on one side and the other side communicates directly with a terrace and the pool area.

On the ground floor, we have three bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a 34,25 m² living room, which, together with a 19,32 m² kitchen, add up to more than 53 m² of open space. This large space is reached from a hall of 11,36 m². Both the living room and the dining room are decorated with wooden beams.

The real delight of this villa is the pool area surrounded by green spaces and water.


The concept of a project that unites different retirement and rest areas surrounds this magnificent project. The careful selection of native plants was a very wise decision by our client.

All the plants are irrigated with a drip irrigation system that is activated automatically and seasonally without requiring much supervision by the inhabitants of the villa.

Project details

The villa has a complete solar thermal system that provides electricity through solar energy. The structure of this villa is made of reinforced concrete with concrete vaults. Includes an air-to-air air conditioning system.

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