Incredible design of a house in Alicante

This house in Alicante is a window open to nature

This incredible house in Alicante is a window open to nature: To the mountains, to the morning sun, to the garden.. ¡Discover all the details of the design!

We have tried to highlight the following characteristics on the exterior of the home:

  • Austerity and confidentiality
  • Proportion and elegance
  • Aesthetic set of volumes
  • A home adapted to the climate
  • Maintain a character of intimacy from the street
  • Have the entrance accessible for disabled people
  • Achieve maintenance-free facades

At night, the house stands out subtly towards the street. The architectural volumes and details are accentuated, with LED lights.

Water as an Essential Architectural Element

Access to the interior of the plot is presented as an experience that unequivocally demonstrates the special character of this house.

We have introduced the element of water, so necessary in this semi-desert region, as an element of pleasure that appears in any section of our route, whether in the form of a fountain or pool.

House in Alicante open to nature

This Alicante house is a window open to nature. To the mountains, to the morning sun, to the garden. Outdoor spaces penetrate our home to flood it with light and joy, reducing the border between outdoor and indoor spaces.

The stepped garden reinforces the image of the majestic features of this house and also makes it possible to resolve the unevenness of the plot and create different types of spaces, each with its character.

The house is a landmark that emerges from its landscape. Its rear façade offers more than it seems: from there you can breathe rest, but also rhythm and action. It provides possibilities for different situations through versatile spaces and their relationship.

The exterior porch is an extension of the house that triples the interior spaces of the kitchen, dining room or living room. These interior spaces flow naturally to the exterior so one can enjoy them all day and all night if desired.

They are all spaces to enjoy and absorb.

The exterior is interior and the interior is exterior

The pool becomes another object in the living room, another meeting space in contact with nature, up close and on the horizon.

The first-floor terrace is a privileged space where you have the best views of the horizon. The distant mountains welcome us in the morning and wish us a good night before sleeping.

In addition to being a space protected by the roof, it is oriented to the southeast, the house itself gives it shade in the afternoon and allows the entry of a low and weak sun in the morning.

The interior was designed as a continuous space, which flows outwards and allows all the interior spaces to merge into a single space.

The relationship with the exterior allows it to be a unique space that expands and acquires different functionalities depending on the situation.

The materials that we have selected and that, of course, can be changed, are the interior landscape. We have tried to provide serenity and sophistication by fusing modern materials and some more classic furniture.

The Master Bedroom is a Viewpoint

The master bedroom is a viewpoint, a reference point of the house and a refuge where you can find a well-deserved rest.

We have tried to surround it with an atmosphere of tranquillity and a large space where you can also enjoy the magnificent views of the landscape and the garden of the house.

Architecture Studio in Alicante

Are you looking for an architecture studio to design a house in Alicante? At Pacheco Architects we have been designing incredible custom homes for our clients for more than 25 years.

Our main projects are located in the areas of Murcia and Alicante, but we also work throughout the national and international territory.

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