Construction of luxury house in Murcia

Luxury, nature and tranquility in Altorreal

They say that when we remember our childhood, our most pleasant memories are associated with nature: a beach, a forest, a mountain…

For both children and adults, experiences with nature condition our attitude towards it and our memories.

In addition, it is also proven that contact with nature has both beneficial and therapeutic effects on health.

The more regular and frequent this contact is, the more powerful and long-lasting the effects will be, both in one sense and in another (health and well-being).

These are, among others, the pillars on which we were inspired to shape a project for the design and construction of a luxury house on the outskirts of the city of Murcia, managing to integrate it perfectly into the environment and nature and achieving the space for relaxation and tranquility that we were looking for.

Without a doubt, the perfect space to create great memories.

The luxury of living in contact with nature

Gardens, flowers, open spaces…

Contact with nature in each of the corners of this spectacular and magical town will make the little ones enjoy the therapeutic benefits of growing up surrounded by nature.

Those small moments that, without realizing it, make up the quality of life in the long term.

We join two plots, we double the space

By unifying the two plots and opening up the spaces, we create infinite possibilities to enjoy life in the open air.

The final objective of this project is to offer the necessary elements to enjoy the most of this outdoor plot.

Full design freedom to build a luxury house

When designing this fantastic project, we were given full freedom to present our ideas (which we appreciate) but, unlike a house project where the limits are more limited, integrating all the space of these two plots has allowed us to a great challenge since it poses a clear dilemma:

“To exceed the scope of the project or to fall short”

Our decision was firm and unanimous, the team chose to unleash our creativity and present a large number of ideas. The project deserved it and we couldn’t stop enriching this fantastic plot with all our best ideas.

Construction luxury house

As a starting point we have assumed the two plots as one, proposing new ideas for the new plot and overlapping these new ideas to the existing plot and vice versa.

We have started by selecting the most important geometric and architectural elements of the existing plot and that help us to link spaces.

Elements such as the main axes, views or complete elements such as the pool, etc.

Once these elements have been selected, we have divided the new and old plot into different areas, providing each with its own personality.

All these areas flow to a new covered core that is the soul of this project.

It is a covered area the size of a storage room of 24 m2 + a covered area but open on the sides of 17 m2 and one with awnings of 29 m2.

The main spaces of the new unified plot are:

  • The entrance
  • Japanese zone
  • The orchard
  • Tropical chill-out
  • Tropical zone
  • Children’s play area
  • Pool and jacuzzi area
  • Covered area

Projects Architecture studio Pacheco Architects

If you are looking for an architect to design the luxury home you have always dreamed of, you are in the right place.

With more than 25 years of experience in the architecture sector, we perfectly understand the entire process to design and build incredible luxury homes at the best possible price.

Our main projects are located in the areas of Murcia and Alicante, but we also work throughout the national and international territory.

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