Luxury villa in La Nucia

A dream villa for a demanding client: the brief for the design of this modern villa was provided by our client. In this case, he was clear about what he wanted: an impressive luxury villa, but built at a reasonable price. The material was carefully chosen and the villa was built in a reasonable time.


The luxury villa is located on a landscaped plot of 800 m². The original vegetation was maintained wherever possible, and the landscape was extended with a selection of native plants that require little water.

A luxury villa with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

The open plan living room is the heart of this villa, accompanied by a high-ceilinged kitchen. Patio doors connect the house with a terrace and a swimming pool.

On the ground floor, we designed a bedroom, a bathroom, a hall and an ideal living room of 31,88 m², which, together with the living room, adds up to 47 m² of open space. The open kitchen has 7 m². The steel beam is the icing on the cake.

The true delight of this villa is the panoramic view offered by the solarium area.


The concept of a project that unites soft and strong landscapes surrounds this magnificent project. The careful selection of native plants was a very wise decision by our client.

All the plants are irrigated with a drip irrigation system that is activated automatically and seasonally without requiring much supervision by the inhabitants of the villa.

Project details

The luxury villa has a complete solar thermal system that provides hot water through solar energy.

The structure of this villa is made of reinforced concrete in which we use hollow concrete blocks.

We install an air conditioning system prior to installation so that, in case you want to install it, important interior works are not needed.

The façade is formed by a wall with a cavity for the inclusion of thermal insulation to achieve greater energy savings. The interior walls are hollow brick partitions. The walls are painted with soft plastic paint and plaster on the ceilings. The bathrooms have removable technical ceilings to accommodate, in the future, air conditioning equipment.

We design and build the home of your dreams without making costly and desperate mistakes. We are specialized in the  design and construction of luxury family homes. 

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