Luxury cabins integrated into the British environment


A former client of ours of British origin asked us to come up with a design concept for luxury cabins to rent as retreats in an idyllic setting owned by our client in Norfolk. The property has its own lake, and has all the charms of an English countryside.

Our client wanted the design of these cottages to blend into the English landscape and to make construction as simple as possible. Steel beams and wooden panels on the outside culminating in the interior of the envelope with mineral wool insulation and self-supporting partitions as an interior finish.

We start with the design of 5 cabins

The idea was to dot the shoreline of the lake with the cabins and the cabins should somehow peek as close to the lake water as possible. In fact, the cabins were projected on a platform over the lake. Discreetly spaced between them along the shore the cabins. As the lake is shaped like a horseshoe, the client decided to add 5 more cabins.

We end up with 10.

The internal layout of the cabins is quite simple and open. The typical cabin was designed on one floor. The entrance gives direct access to the kitchen / living room and dining room. This space overflows directly onto a large terrace of more than 50m².

Which is a type of pier over the pond. From this setting you get great views of the lake and the English countryside. Symmetrically to the left and right of the living room are the bedrooms and bathrooms, each bedroom has its own bathroom with access from a hall and the kitchen.

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