Advantages of security alarms for a home and their prices

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Security alarms and protection systems have come a long way in recent years. This circumstance means that more and more families and businesses choose to hire this type of service.


Advantages of security alarms for a home and their prices

Security alarms and protection systems have come a long way in recent years. This circumstance means that more and more families and businesses choose to hire this type of service. Likewise, when hiring the services of one company or another, there are many differences in terms of prices and benefits, so it is necessary to make a comparison like for alike.


How do security alarms work?

Alarm protection and security systems are made up of a complex electronic system through which unwanted presences are identified through motion sensors or video surveillance cameras or by impact devices that detects vibrations that are place on windows and doors.

These devices are programmed so that when something unwanted happens, a warning is produced. At the time of the notice, an alarm centre will verify that everything is in order through a kind of code or password that the client must provide. Otherwise, they will call directly for a police intervention.

These types of systems are becoming more and more common in homes, which allows companies to show the customer various rates in which to choose between one service or another. Business alarms are, if anything, more important than home alarms. This is so due to the importance of preserving a workplace or the activity on which all members of a workforce depend. That is why more and more companies independently of any size opt for protection services for their properties.


What services do security alarms include?

When talking about alarm protection systems we can choose various types. The differences between them revolve around the services they offer, the way they act, the hiring price or how more or less complete they can be.

With all this, we can include the main services that a general alarm system includes in the following list:

Video surveillance

SMS notification in case of incident

Emergency police service

Health service for household members

Installation and regular maintenance of the alarm system

Systems for Internet and mobile security


Advantages of security alarms for a home and their prices


Next, we show you a series of characteristics that will help you identify the best alarms for your home:


·  Connection to an Alarm Receiving Centre: As we have mentioned before, if your home alarm is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, the police will come to your house in case of danger.

·  Calling emergency contacts: It is important that, in case the alarm goes off, they call you or your emergency contacts immediately.

· Mobile app to control the alarm for your home: A mobile application is today a perfect complement that increases the security of your home alarm. You can perform multiple functions, such as arming/disabling the alarm, seeing through the cameras, or controlling who enters and leaves your home.

· Good customer service: good customer service is essential to be among the best home alarms. This is so because, in the event that something goes wrong with your alarm or if you have any questions, it is essential that it be resolved as soon as possible and in the best way.

·Being able to request videos from the security cameras: The fact of being able to request videos whenever we want from the security cameras in our home provides great peace of mind. In addition, it also serves as a better proof than a picture in case something happens in our house.

· Image quality: The quality of these images or videos is also important to be able to recognize what is happening exactly.

· Speed of response in case of emergency: It is essential that the response of the Alarm Receiving Centre be quick in case the alarm goes off in our home. The best home alarms have response times of less than 30 seconds.


What is the price of an alarm system?

Both for the contracting of an alarm for homes and for businesses, the companies establish a series of variables through which the price of the rate is determined. In this way, depending on the characteristics of each client, one company or rate or another will be more recommended.

Some of the variables that are taken into account when establishing a price are the m2 of constructed area of the property, the number of people who live or work in it, the area in which it is located or the activity to which they are dedicated in case to be a company.

The costs normally include the installation of the system itself and its maintenance, which is usually as a monthly fee, this being the one you should pay more attention to, since it will be the biggest expense in the long run.

In this table below you can see the services and approximate prices of the different companies within the security sector in Spain.


      Comparison ADT, Securitas Direct and Movistar Prosegur
       Company ADT (Tyco Alarms) Securitas Direct Movistar Prosegur
       Monthly price From 39,90€ From 43,50€ From 9,90€ (Till 2023)
       Installation cost Free From 249€* Free
       Equipment cost Free Free Free



One of the sensations that represents most the concept of home is that of security, it is very easy to lose this feeling of being protected and above all, it is very difficult to re-establish the feeling of peace and intimacy in your home, to avoid this situation. Pacheco Architects recommends installing an alarm system in your home if you can afford it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our studio in Murcia or in Alicante.

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