Aids to sell your property fast

sell your property fast

To sell your property fast it is necessary to carry out various procedures and to compile a series of mandatory documents. We will tell you which ones you can do yourself without spending a single euro.

These documents are normally requested sooner than later and to have them ready show that you are a serious seller and could tip the balance and achieve the sale.


Aids to sell your property fast


First thing first.

To sell a house is not enough to find a buyer. It is necessary to carry out a series of procedures that not only require us to have time, but also involve a disbursement of money. If we sell the apartment with a real estate agency, it can be fully commissioned to do all the necessary paperwork, but it will charge us a commission. On the other hand, if we decide to carry out the operation on our own, we will save the fees, but we will have to be organized so that paperwork does not become a problem. The good news is that there are some procedures that we can do for free and without complications. We tell you.


 Value our house to set the actual sale price.

This is the beginning of every sale. Thanks to the proptech and the multiple valuation tools that exist on the Internet we can rate our flat simply and totally free. We only have to enter the data of our home on the chosen page and, almost instantaneously, we will receive in our email or we can display on the screen a price range based on the real estate market.

But we must bear in mind that each platform has different measurement criteria, so the results that one or the other can give us can be very different. Therefore, it is important to make as many assessments as possible and consult with other sources to compare the values. We could look at the prices of houses similar to ours advertised in real estate portals. We could also ask for the opinion of several real estate agencies; They can rate the house for free, although their intention will be to have us as customers, obviously.


Add the house plans in our ads.

Although this is not a mandatory procedure, it is highly recommended to promote our house in real estate portals and stand out above the rest of the advertisers. We must bear in mind that, on these websites, the competition can be very close, since hundreds of ads for houses for sale are hung up every day.

In this sense, the plans can be very useful for potential buyers to get a rough idea of the distribution of housing. In addition, this is very advisable if the apartment we want to sell needs renovation, since the buyer can imagine all the possibilities offered by the flat.

In the Network there are a few platforms which can help us to draw the plans ourselves. All we have to do is to survey room by room and write down the measurements. A tip here: Start by measuring the external perimeter of the house first, take down the thickness of the exterior walls and you have the external and internal shell. If you use an app all we have to do is enter the chosen page and start drawing by dragging and dropping elements.

Of course, we must ensure that our outline fits reality, so double check to see that everything fits correctly. It doesn’t have to be to the mm but a pretty accurate measurement is required otherwise it can be very disappointing for a potential buyer when visiting the apartment.


Aids to sell your property fast


A down payment contract.

Here I would strongly recommend to allow a solicitor to do this task as it is very important piece of paper since it includes all the conditions of the sale agreed with the buyer and the possible penalties for non-compliance. In this way, it protects us against an eventual lack of the other party. However, if you have the experience and know what you are doing you can save a few euros if you do it yourself.

Taken into account our warning above, there are hundreds of free contract models abound on the Internet, which we can use as a basis to create our own. Of course, we have to be very careful to draw this document and not leave anything important. A possible error or the omission of an essential detail can become a headache and could mean a substantial amount of money, since the notary will use it as a guide to make the deed of sale.


A certificate of being debt free with the community of owners.

This simple piece of paper proves that we have no outstanding debt with our community. To obtain it, we only have to ask the administrator or the president of our development. Best of all: we won’t have to pay anything for it or so I hope.


The IBI or SUMA (local tax) receipt.

We pay this tax every year just for the simple fact of owning a property. Although we must be aware of this payment to sell the apartment, we do not have to do any additional management to prove it.

With the simple receipt of the payment of the last year or a proof of the bank in the case of being domiciled is sufficient. And in the case that we do not have it, our city council can also give us a free receipt to prove that we are aware of the payment of the IBI.

We must bear in mind that this tax corresponds to the owner who pays on January 1. So, if, for example, we sell the house in the middle of the year, we can share the expense with the buyer, so that each one assumes the expense corresponding to the amount of time the property has had.

Good luck!!


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