Aljoud Lootah: the artist who creates dream worlds

Aljoud Lootah

Aljoud Lootah is a multidisciplinary designer based in Dubai. If anything characterizes the artist, it is the creation of dreamlike worlds of contrasts, shapes and functions.

Ancient art with an innovative twist

The designer revives the ancient art of origami with her collection “Oru”

The ancient art of origami was born in the 17th century AD. C. in Japan, and today, in the 21st century, we can see that it continues to inspire artists from all over the world. In fiery Dubai lives Aljoud Lootah, a visual artist who revives that art born so many centuries ago, yes, injecting an innovative dose and adding new materials and fresh concepts.

Stories of years, geography, climates and time come together and are reflected in the hands of the designer Duabiti who goes one step further in terms of materials and extrapolates the geometric shapes of origami in a spectacular collection of furniture that he has called “Oru ”. . The name, which refers to the action of folding in Japanese (Ori), unfolds in a collection of intricately shaped pieces made of teak wood combined with copper and leather finishes.

Aljoud Lootah: The dream worlds of art

“The idea behind these designs is to show that folding a flat two-dimensional sheet can create aesthetically pleasing functional three-dimensional shapes,” explains Aljoud. The Oru series is made up of four fascinating pieces: a table lamp, a chair, a decorative mirror and a cabinet with a shelf.

The designs in her collection are suggestive and, despite the complexity of their folds, they bring a sophisticated simplicity. Prints, folds and geometric shapes are accepted.

If anything characterizes the artist, it is the creation of dreamlike worlds of contrasts, shapes and functions.

Her creations mix traditional silhouettes and concepts with modern elements. His creative drive comes from a passion for detail, aesthetics, and experimental approaches to materials and techniques.

Another of Aljoud’s great projects is “Yaroof”, where she once again unites tradition and modernity. This new visual world in which the artist immerses us is based on an in situ geometric system inspired by traditional fishing, called “Yaroof”. This type of traditional fishing is practised on the beach and requires a mesh net used mainly for catching small fish.

The net is placed near the shore and the fisherman goes into the sea some distance holding the edge of the net. Next, a semicircle is made towards the shore, thus trapping the fish in the net while it is thrown onto the beach with the help of other fishermen. The structure and components of the installation are inspired by the Yaroof fishing process: it is made up of four octagonal frames, each with patterns created with nylon ropes to illustrate the shape, and a fishing net structure.

The motifs are inspired by the complex arabesque motifs and the curves found in the drawings are created entirely from straight lines. With this project, Aljoud continues to reaffirm his personal style, growing and demonstrating a unique and unstoppable style.

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