Why architecture should be on the political agenda

Architecture on the political agenda

Architecture on the political agenda

4 years of government are enough for politicians to show the interest they always show in pre-campaign rallies about the cities, municipalities or countries they govern. They must focus on the importance of architecture on the political agenda, observe the natural conditions of the landscape and realize that they are a basic pillar in the evolution of our environment.

Architecture on the political agenda: why is it such an important topic?

We have been thinking about the importance of this topic and have focused on a few key points.

In numerous citizen surveys about how they would improve their city, the results speak for themselves: better parks and squares, more pedestrian streets, road safety, and additional green spaces. These answers imply changes in the infrastructures of our environment: we want to live in beautiful and safe places.

Well-done architecture protects us from natural disasters

Good architecture protects us from natural disasters: it withstands winds and floods, protects us from extreme temperatures, etc. In the face of climate change and its consequences, we are facing greater exposure to major natural disasters and architecture has great solutions for this.

Society demands a change in architecture

Social changes demand it. Where will the young people live? What are the consequences for citizens of phenomena like Airbnb? The essential right to housing is a point that has not been completely resolved, and this social drama must be resolved little by little.

More relevance of sustainable architecture

Good architecture in itself is sustainable. Basically, by practically designing our cities, we will be able, among many other things, to reduce long trips to school, shopping, work… By sustainably designing our buildings, we will reduce the climate gap that threatens.

Architecture and urban design

Architecture and urban design have a direct impact on our health. On the one hand, it affects our physical activity: if the design of the city allows us to walk or cycle regularly, we will be exercising almost daily. Changing our usual means of transport will depend on the structure of our city. Stress can be reduced and mental health improved by the simple fact that we can open windows and adjust the lighting at work, and not be forced to always have artificial light or under the harmful effects of air conditioning.

The added value generated by architecture

Good architecture creates more value than bad for everyone. Good architecture creates flexible buildings that will be easier to maintain. We should achieve higher productivity at this point and, for example, force the use of circular economy principles in the construction industry, not only focusing on the immediate benefit of the builder but on the long-term positive effects of good construction.

Pacheco Architects and his vision of architecture

Our architecture studio has more than 25 years of experience in the sector. To do this, we have a team of professionals and architects who are always based on the latest trends to design and build more sustainable and environmentally friendly homes.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable architecture in all our designs and constructions. Therefore, we are constantly updated on the latest trends on how to achieve an environmentally friendly structure.

You can visit some of our projects on our website or by visiting our YouTube channel. We offer an integral service for our clients, which goes from the design to the finished delivery of the entire project. For this reason, we accompany the client throughout the process, with which we manage to perfectly capture all his wishes and needs.

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