Decorate your living room with autumn style

autumn style

In this article we will show you several brands to decorate your living room with autumn style. In the changes of the season, we usually make small changes in our home: colours that are worn, fabrics that give warmth to the corners, furniture prepared to host dinners in the heat of the fireplace (or heater) at home… At this point in autumn, they begin to store garments that taste like summer and give prominence to other warmer ones: this happens in our wardrobes and also in our homes.

During the cold months, we see our house with different eyes, especially because the sun, the long days and the heat abandon us, and it is these that encourage us to go outside, now with the cold knocking on our door, ¿ Who does not? Can you imagine yourself at home, enjoying the warmth of home with a good movie in the background?

It is clear that during autumn and winter we live more at home, that is why it is at this time when we pay more attention to that corner that cries out for a chair, those inspiring seasonal rugs…

In other words, autumn is the time to renew home decoration, and for this reason, at Pacheco Architects, we have made a selection of brands with their best decoration items, in case you want to give your living room a change: your bedroom. queen of the house in autumn.

Decorate your living room with autumn style


At SKLUM you will find unique pieces with a lot of personality for your living room. We have opted for 3 of your articles but we could choose many more… Without a doubt.

We start with this handmade Boho-Chic style sideboard that exudes strength, freshness and a lot of personality. Its aesthetics and the mix of materials make it a vibrant piece of furniture. Its body is made of 100% natural mango wood, a dense and durable material, totally respectful of the environment. Its craftsmanship, as well as the marks and irregularities typical of this technique, make it a unique and incomparable piece of furniture.

The Loop lamp is as simple as it is peculiar, both in its shape and its design. It is made up of a structure made of iron alloy in a rose gold colour with which you can add modern air to the room where you want to place it. It comes with a black textile cable that will give a plus of elegance to the environment.

It has a simple and minimalist design that is very versatile, which will allow you to combine it with furniture or accessories from different trends. Its measurements are perfect to use it in any piece of furniture, such as small tables, chests of drawers, etc. It is suitable for E27-type bulbs, reaching a maximum power of 40W. Its use is exclusively for interiors.

You can’t resist, can you? Let’s continue, this has only just begun…

SKLUM offers us the Tuhp hanging planters, ideal for giving your living room an exotic and natural touch. They are made up of a ceramic body and a vine rope.

If you are a ceramic lover, Sklum presents you with this set of two handmade pots made of high-quality clay that has been shaped and dried by hand.


In addition to selling products of incredible quality, Kave offers a magazine “for creatives, dreamers and gourmets who are always in constant evolution”, they say. They are inspiring and usually give many (and good guidelines) for those of you who are immersed in the re-decoration of your home.

Its Brood collection is made up of cushion covers and rugs that you won’t be able to resist. They are soft, sophisticated and original. You have them in pink, blue and grey and they recommend washing cold. We are inspired by some autumnal rooms in which you want to spend a cold afternoon.

Do not miss their line of pouffes… We have decided on this Shott model in white and silver, but we must confess that it was difficult for us to make the decision. The colour palette of this model is very suggestive because it goes a step beyond the classic silver tones, with grey tones that flirt with black.

One of the great protagonists of the cold seasons is the rug, with as many lovers as detractors… But we love it because it provides a distinction in the room that few articles can provide… The rugs take their place again and the living room table will once again be a witness to dinners with friends now that bar terraces are no longer such a pleasant option as in summer; and for this reason, because the house is more of a protagonist in our lives in autumn and winter than in spring and summer, it is advisable to reform it so that it has a more modern and up-to-date light. How to do it? the answer is in KAVE HOME.

Kave has an incredible list of rugs in different styles, fabrics and colours… but we have opted for this model called BEA. This cotton chenille rug offers a texture similar to velvet, with a soft and pleasant touch, to dress your interiors with elegance and sophistication. These designs propose coloured fabrics in simple and very functional rugs, ideal for lounges or the living corner, the one where you settle in the most discreet intimacy to read, dream or even fall asleep while doing the next day’s chores.


From furniture to decorative accessories, Maisons du Monde creates inspiring and original universes for the entire home and, above all, for all styles. His motto for 20 years? You have style, we share yours! They have physical stores throughout Europe and from their website, you can buy all their items.

Its wooden box has dimensions of 23×40 cm, ideal for storing magazines or decorating any piece of furniture in your living room.

Its 3-light mango wood and metal wall light is ideal for industrial environments and has an innate charm. You can modify the orientation of the light according to your needs and install it where you need it most.

We say goodbye to MAISONS DU MONDE with this incredible magazine rack in the purest Nordic style. Ranges of blues, a mix of materials inspired by the hygge lifestyle. The house takes on the air of a cabin hidden in the woods and the living room takes on a cosy atmosphere with light woods, velvet, washed linen, fall-scented candles, woven wool cushions and knit blankets. This winter the motto will be a few moments of blanket and sofa in its purest form!


There are, in essence, two Zara Home proposals: to renew the fabrics with a variety that ranges from floral and warm prints to the most classic and romantic, passing through the most serious and elegant that will be lost in the tailored style. This renovation of fabrics also goes through the curtains, the cushions or the sofa blanket and even the tablecloths, which leads us to the second point that the Inditex collective home firm proposes to renew: the table.

On this occasion, we highlight its collection of cushions. First of all, we have been won over by this cotton cushion cover with a jungle-inspired print. It is part of its JOIN LIFE Care for feeee line: at least 15% recycled cotton. The production of recycled fabrics has a lower environmental impact; consumes less water, less energy and fewer natural resources. A good step for Inditex.

For the most classic, we offer you this more sober and elegant collection: velvet cushion cover with geometric diamond-shaped embroidery.


We couldn’t finish this article without one of the monsters of home decor. At IKEA we can find EVERYTHING, you know, we can discover little today about this great brand that came a few years ago to settle in our lives, and in our homes.

Our first great recommendation is this showcase that you have in blue, dark grey and beige. It is adjustable so you can change the shelves to your liking and needs. It’s pretty and practical, the perfect combo.

The VEBDO armchair is easy to combine with furniture and environments of different styles thanks to its timeless design. You can choose between blue, light pink and dark grey. Its 75 cm backrest is comfortable and elegant and its shapes inspire us a lot for this season.

The blankets… oh the blankets, how much we like them and they take care of us in winter… Ikea offers us this incredible ethnic design in its Johanne blanket.

The print can be seen on both sides but with the colours inverted since the bedspread is Jacquard.

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