Awning or pergola: which is the best option to protect you from the sun

Awning or pergola

Choosing between an awning or a pergola can lead to endless discussions. The truth is that both are ideal solutions when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun in summer, both on terraces and on porches.


Awning or pergola: which is the best option to protect you from the sun


Awning or pergola?

It is true that sometimes the choice may depend more on taste than on objective reasons. But, in any case, it is always important to take into account some technical aspects to make the right choice. Do you want to know what they are?


A matter of resistance.

Pergolas allow to enclose to circumscribe a space.

The pergola has a fixed structure anchored to the ground, while the awning is simply attached to the wall or ceiling. This difference is important because in areas more exposed to wind, the pergola is more stable and will resist better, while a blow of wind can irreparably damage the awning.


Space problems?

A pergola can be as big as you like. Obviously the structure has to be designed accordingly

If you have a small terraces there is no discussion, the awning is the cheapest and the most practical. But when we talk about large areas, everything can change. It is true that nowadays articulated awnings can cover many meters, but the truth is that with pergolas there are practically no limitations in terms of dimensions.


Thinking about aesthetics

The awning respects aesthetics more a simple awning because it has a variety of elements which can be taken into account in the design.

The great advantage of awnings is that they do not take up space or aesthetically alter the facade when they are collected, especially if they are in a box. This does not happen with pergolas, although the canvas can be collected, the structure will always be visible.


For a few months or for the whole year.

The awnings are perfect for occasional use in the hottest months. On the other hand, if they have a glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panel cover, the pergolas allow a glazed enclosure to take advantage of that terrace or that porch throughout the year. Of course, the budget in the latter case can be more expensive.


Awning or pergola: which is the best option to protect you from the sun



Degree of protection.

Inclination, a factor in favor of the awnings have a degree of inclination that protects the space not only when the sun is at the highest, but also at times when it begins to go down. In the case of pergolas, this is not the case and it is necessary to put accessories such as curtains or vertical awnings if you require more angled protection. Therefore, the orientation of the terrace or porch is an element that must be taken into account when choosing one thing or the other.

On the other hand, pergolas, specifically bioclimatic ones, improve thermal comfort in the space they protect thanks to their adjustable slats, something that is more difficult to achieve with awnings.



Regardless of all the above, this is an important factor when choosing between awning and pergola. In general, pergolas are more expensive, especially those that are bioclimatic or that have a glass or polycarbonate cover and, in addition, they are mobile.

As far as awnings are concerned, the price range is very wide, although depending on its structure and the canvas it can be raised significantly.


Common aspects.

If all the above questions can make the difference between an awning or a pergola, there are also others in which there is no distinction. One of them is the need to have authorization from the community in the case of residential buildings and to follow the aesthetics of those that have already been installed.

Another common aspect is that both awnings and pergolas can be automated so that their opening and closing is much more comfortable. And, in the case of canvases, it is advisable to always opt for quality textiles and with protection against UV rays, after all, it is about enjoying without the sun causing problems.


What then is the best choice?

You have already seen that it depends on many aspects. If you are looking for resistance and durability, if the space is large or if you want to take advantage of the terrace or porch all year round, the pergola is perfect. In case you are only going to use them for a few months, you do not want the aesthetics of your house to be affected or you are looking for something inexpensive, an awning will be a good choice.Awning or pergola? Now the decision is yours.

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