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This year it seems that it has decided to delight us with a series of innovative architectural exhibitions in Spain: Adolf Loos, Joaquín Vaquero Palacios, or the bicentennial of the Prado Museum in Madrid are just some of the protagonists that will occupy the halls of Spanish museums The offer is a true delight: national and international architects, the impact of new technologies or the most emblematic buildings in the history of architecture.

Architecture exhibitions in Spain

Prado Museum 1819-2019. Prado Museum Madrid

This exhibition inaugurates the program offered by the Prado Museum with the aim of commemorating the bicentennial of its foundation. A journey through its history where we can learn about the dialogue between the museum and society, the trends that have guided its collections… On this occasion, we intend to reflect on its future, the challenges it poses to it and to all the great museums of ancient art or the disadvantages of overcrowding.

Architectural effects. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

An incredible proposal to observe the connections between art and architecture in the digital age. The origin of the Guggenheim Museum’s “Effects of Architecture” exhibition is none other than the Museum building itself, inaugurated in 1997 as the first masterful example of developed architecture made possible by technology. The exhibition makes a comparison with the current growth of a culture based on social networks, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It will also feature interventions by some of today’s most innovative architects and designers.

Joaquin Vaquero Palacios. The beauty of the extraordinary. Asturias, 1954-1980. ICO Foundation. Madrid

This exhibition focuses on the 30 years of collaboration between Joaquín Vaquero and Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico. Murals, sculptures, furniture, industrial design – alone or with the collaboration of his son, Joaquín Vaquero Turcios – and, in some cases, even architecture, make Vaquero Palacios a Renaissance man who was capable of transforming the enormous structures of these floors in authentic industrial Cathedrals of the 20th century.

Adolf Loos. Private spaces. Caixa Forum Madrid

It is the first exhibition in Spain of Adolf Loos, an essential figure in modern architecture. The exhibition focuses on his peculiar conception of architecture and interior design. The exhibition tries to analyse the aesthetic thought of Adolf Loos and has a wide repertoire of domestic objects and furniture dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The architect, designer and theoretician pioneered the division between spaces for public life and private life.

Fernando Moreno Barbera. 1913-1998. Territorial College of Architects of Valencia

The architect Fernando Moreno Barberá was a disciple of Paul Bonatz, and belongs to the third generation of the modern movement. The exhibition focuses on the publication “The architecture of Fernando Moreno Barberá. Technical universality” and includes a compilation of 38 works of architecture, covering his work for almost half a century.

Domènec. Neither here nor anywhere. MACBA Barcelona.

The exhibition proposes a journey through his work from the end of the 90s to the present. Domènec analyses the proposals of the modern movement and its legacy today, using installations, models, photographs, workshops, seminars and videos to support his research. The objective of this exhibition is to present the current impact of the proposals arising from the industrial revolution and its opposition to capitalism.

Social housing buildings converted into military barracks or internment camps; statues of circumstantial heroes, knocked down by their meaning and contradiction; or the absurdity of a ghost town of military training to attack enemy urban centres, never officially recognized, are some of the cases that serve Domènec to investigate the dysfunctions of the processes of modernity and the political narratives that marginalize these stories.

Norman Foster. common futures. Telephone Foundation. Madrid

The exhibition on the British architect investigates through more than 30 models, 160 drawings and various audiovisual on topics such as sustainability, well-being or the sensitivity of his buildings. The main objective is to bring the architect’s work and his vision of the future closer to a wide audience while showing his sources of inspiration. The exhibition will be accompanied by the programming of workshops and free educational activities for all audiences, from schoolchildren to adults.

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