Best pellet stoves in Spain

pellet stoves

This winter promises to be hard, both because of the low temperatures and because of the energy crisis in which we find ourselves. For this reason, there are those who have proposed to change the way they heat themselves to minimize fuel costs and this is where pellet stoves shine.


Best pellet stoves in Spain

If you are thinking of buying a pellet stove to keep you warm this winter, in this buying guide we help you choose your ideal model and we offer you a careful selection of recommended pellet stoves in Spain.


How to choose a good pellet stove

Power (kW). It is directly related to the space to be heated, although other aspects such as the insulation of the home, ventilation or what geographical area we are in also have an influence. A good approximation for a home with average insulation is to assume 1 kW per 10 square meters.

Required power (kW) = coefficient (kW/m²) x surface (m²)

Autonomy. It is the time that they can be working until their tank is empty, where they house the pellets. It depends on factors such as the intensity or the efficiency of the pellet used.

Performance. The higher the performance, the more efficient the stove and the greater fuel savings (pellets). Normally, they move between 85 and 95%.

Extras such as connectivity or silent mode. The first will allow you to turn it on, turn it off and program it from the application. Thanks to the silent mode it will be possible to regulate or even stop the ventilation to minimize noise.


What kind of pellet stove do I need?

Because it is not the same to need a pellet stove to heat the whole house as it is to need a room, a large warehouse or an outdoor space, consider the following types:

Forced air stoves, the most common. With a coverage of up to 100 square meters (there are available from 4kW), they are interesting for large spaces. With electronic switching on and off that can be programmed and a fan responsible for distributing the heat in the space where it is located, they allow the intensity of the flame power and the fan to be regulated. There is a variation of these, not in operation but in design, calls with low depth ideal for placing in a place with a particularly narrow architecture, for example a corridor.

The ductable ones are used for several rooms. In this case, the turbine expels the hot air both inside the room or diverts it through pipes to be able to heat different spaces.

Sealed stoves take air from outside through a tube, so they do not consume the air in the room. In this sense, they are ideal for bedrooms and for homes with good thermal insulation.

Outdoor stoves. They are designed to moderately withstand bad weather and have advantages that simplify installation, such as not needing a smoke outlet or electrical connection.

Pellet stoves or hydro stoves? They can be placed replacing your boiler by connecting to your radiator circuit or underfloor heating system. In addition, thanks to an exchanger-accumulator, they serve to heat domestic hot water in the home.

Installation and maintenance

In general, pellet stoves need both a properly installed flue outlet (according to the Regulations on Thermal Installations in Buildings, on the roof) to emit combustion gases, good ventilation and a power outlet. As we have seen in the previous point, the exception is outdoor stoves.

The connection for the gas outlet of the stove is usually located at the rear and for this purpose an 80 mm diameter pipe made of stainless steel or vitrified steel is used.

Thanks to an electrical connection we can benefit from functions such as automatic on and off, programmable or connectivity. However, there are also some models with a 12V battery or, quite simply, models that do not require electricity and that use gravity so that the pellets enter the combustion zone, pushing the ash.

This more basic operation brings advantages such as easier and cheaper maintenance and less noise, as it does not integrate a fan (they use natural convection).

Good maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your pellet stove. From a correct installation for adequate combustion thanks to good management of the air inlet and smoke outlet to using quality pellets (better with EN A-1 certification) or cleaning the ashes daily and thoroughly cleaning with your duct check every season.


Best pellet stoves in Spain

Recommended models.

This entry-level WATT 645 euro model stands out for its affordable price and for being relatively compact (76.5 x 43 x 43 cm).

According to the manufacturer, its 6.4 kW of power is suitable for rooms of up to 44 square meters, with autonomy from 8 to 19 hours and performance is 89.4%.

With a steel interior and a cast iron burner, its operating mechanism is basic, transmitting heat through natural convection and it also has electronic regulation.


Pellet stove WATT 6 kW black

RRP in Leroy Merlin €645


For a little more money you can get this QLIMA ECODESIGN model (894.90 euros), with 6.7 kW of power which, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for heating up an area of up to 70 m2

In this case, the performance is 90.7% and its autonomy is up to 24.5 hours. Its handling highlights the possibility of being able to program it and it comes with a remote control.

The technical sheet details its CO2 emission (0.013%) and that the gas outlet is at the top.


Pellet stove QLIMA ECODESIGN red 6.7 kw TG

RRP in Leroy Merlin €894.90


If you are looking for a high-power pellet stove for large areas, look at this 12 kW Magna (899 euros) that stands out for its benefits for what it costs. With a performance of 90% according to the manufacturer, it is capable of heating spaces of up to 120 square meters.

Among its peculiarities, being able to program it daily and weekly. With 15 kg capacity hopper and smoke outlet at the rear.


Pellet stove Magna 12kW white

RRP in Leroy Merlin €899


The Eider Power Pegaso (995 euros) has a power of 8 kW, and is recommended for rooms of about 76 square meters (90% performance).

Among its functions, automatic temperature regulation, adjustable power, safety control against electrical overloads, temperature sensor and daily programming by hours. With a double cleaning system and a 13 kg tank, which provides autonomy from 9.1 to 26.8 hours, depending on the power selected.

Eider Stove Pellets Power Pegaso 8 kW

RRP at El Corte Ingles €995


Best pellet stoves in Spain

The King (1,495 euros) is a ductable pellet stove for several rooms and a recommended area of about 80 square meters.

With a steel interior, it is programmable 24 hours and 7 days and has a remote control for easy handling. With automatic regulation control, modulation system, quick start and forced ventilation. Its tank has a 13 kg capacity.


Pellets King Stove 10 kW Ductable

RRP at El Corte Ingles €1,495


The Eider Alfa (1,695 euros) is a hermetic pellet stove with a power of 12 kW, suitable for areas of about 96 square metres.

It has a hermetic hopper with a capacity of 15 kg to achieve autonomy slightly greater than 16 hours. With automatic temperature regulation, programmable and modulable power, as well as remote control for its management.


Eider Stove Pellets Alfa Hermetic 12 kW

RRP at El Corte Ingles €1,695

The Hydro Gaia (2,695 euros) is a 16 kW pellet stove with rapid ignition, hot air ducting to heat several rooms and a 22-litre capacity to heat water.

It has functions such as quick ignition, with weekly and daily programming, an easy cleaning system and active safety systems, both electrical and good combustion. With a high yield of 94% and a large capacity hopper of 20 kg.

RRP at El Corte Inglés €2,695

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