Casa Decor 2018 celebrates its 53rd edition

Casa Decor

Art, design and interior design

Until March 25, 2018, we were able to enjoy the 53rd edition of Casa Decor. The chosen place was a building located in the Chamberí neighbourhood, built between 1901 and 1903, a perfect example of early 20th-century architecture. Casa Decor 2018 impeccably mixes art, design and interior design: trends, novelties and updated solutions. A total of 67 spaces where we will find all kinds of decoration between Art Deco and Mid Century.

This edition has the collaboration and sponsorship of The Corner Group, a company based in Madrid, which works as a developer and real estate investment consultant, and has ceded the building before starting its rehabilitation.

Where is the Casa Decor event held?

The building where this edition of Casa Decor takes place is an architectural delight: two 55-meter facades with 17 balcony windows per floor, two interior patios on which the houses are distributed, accompanied by a stately staircase. The project was commissioned by the Marquises of Velilla del Ebro, to the Catalan architect Antonio Farrés Aymerich.

The Corner Group will give this building a second life after the closing of Casa Decor 2018. Its second life will be provided with twenty homes with one to four bedrooms, duplexes and penthouses. The prices of the houses range between 580,000 euros for the apartments on the second and third floors, which will have a 52-square-meter bedroom, up to 1,720,000 euros for the 203-square-meter duplexes with three bedrooms and a terrace garden.

New in this edition

This edition was attended by chef Javier Aranda, a young talent in Spanish gastronomy. The Toledo restaurant has two Michelin stars, one for each of its restaurants: Restaurante Gaytán and La Cabra.

Casa Decor brought together an exuberant community of decorators, interior designers, architects, designers, landscapers and plastic artists who have the opportunity to show their work in an exclusive context of avant-garde and high decoration.

Virginia Sánchez

Artwork by Virginia Sanchez. In her space, black and white coexist with shades such as gold or pastel pink. A place dominated by a large bathtub that is presented to the visitor as the ideal corner for a woman as sophisticated as she is chic.

Virginia Gasch

The Tropical Lunch space proposed by Virginia Gasch is a bright corner of 26 m² rich in textures and colours that becomes a sensory and decorative journey for everyone who visits it. An exotic place where velvets, sets of mirrors, antique mouldings or wallpapers with a silky appearance coexist, becoming a bucolic fantasy.

Dmasc Architects

Through Desert City Rooftop, Dmasc Architects has managed to find the perfect terrace: the one that mixes furniture from the interior rooms to take it outside and make any visitor sigh for a corner of cacti and succulent plants, which become its protagonists.

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