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The variety of shower tray formats, the new design possibilities and their new hygienic and non-slip surfaces guarantee more beautiful and safer shower spaces.

When planning the area take into account aesthetic, and we should opt for an integrated, cabin-type solutions or start from scratch and choose each element independently.

If we opt for a built-in shower, we should select, above all, specialized professionals, who know how to apply a good water-repellent finish aimed at avoiding possible damp problems.

The chosen base can be diverse: from pieces of natural stone to mosaics of different materials. With them you can make drawings that provide added value to the aesthetics of our bathroom.

The most suitable materials to fill the joints in the shower flooring will be epoxy or ceramic resins to guarantee the waterproofing of the material.

More versatile shower trays

Some time ago, shower trays were made of vitrified steel and sanitary ceramics, in a limited range of formats and designs that made it very difficult to make the most of the space in the shower. However, certain resins and mineral conglomerates offer the possibility of occupying every last millimetre of available space, with the precision of built-in showers. Others are even trimmed to fit the shape or overcome architectural obstacles.

These new possibilities are:

  • Artificial stone: they are made with mineral powder, pigments and resins. Some are rigid and cut like natural stone, while those that incorporate a higher proportion of resins are thermoformable and join without apparent joints or take on undulating shapes to adapt to gaps and more complex designs or to adapt to architectural elements.
  • Resins: allow the shower area to be installed up to 5 or 10 cm lower than other trays. They are usually available in a wide range of colours, which combine with most environments. It also presents different textures, such as slate, smooth finish or natural stone. Some are so flexible that they can be rolled up and cut to size for easy installation and to fit the available space.
  • Natural stone bases: they are ordered to measure, although they are not as workable as synthetic compounds.


At ground level

Another novelty of the slimmer shower tray is that it can be installed without steps and allows complete integration of the tray area in the room finish to facilitate access and achieve a clean and modern aesthetic. The shower cabin is transformed with the new additions into a comfortable space, where the absence of obstacles and freedom of movement set the standard.


It is important that:

  • The chosen material is non-slip to prevent sliding in the shower.
  • Surfaces with antibacterial treatments prevent the proliferation of germs and microorganisms in the area.
  • Another option is to choose the same design as the floor or wall tiles. Some brands offer ceramics to match the finish of the shower.


Shower tray instead of bathtubs

Many of the reforms in the bathroom are limited to the replacement of the conventional bathtub for a perfectly equipped shower area. If it is only a matter of making this change, the ideal is to simplify the installation work as much as possible without sacrificing comfort or harming the aesthetics of the environment. To do this, many manufacturers have developed shower trays with formats equal to those of standard bathtubs and that fit perfectly into the previous hole to allow the preservation of the original flooring.

The area of ​​operations

Drying off outside of the shower can create safety and hygiene issues. The shower spaces that include large-format trays favours the user’s movements and offer the possibility of sharing the shower with a second person or drying off inside the screen, without the need to wet the bathroom floor.

Another added benefit is the creation of a waterless area where we can dry off and even get dressed. If we install a folding bench, we will improve the safety and comfort of the elderly and we will not subtract useful space from the enclosure.

The shower tray and its effects

  • On cold days you may want to start the day with a very hot shower, but the ideal is to opt for lukewarm water.
  • The cold shower is very invigorating and is recommended for the first hours of the morning or to lift your spirits in the middle of the day, although it is not advisable to exaggerate with the temperature so as not to subject the heart to excessive effort.
  • Before going to bed or after an intense sport, the hot shower will relax our aching muscles and prepare us for a restful sleep.
  • The Scottish shower consists of alternating jets of hot and cold water, and activates our immune and circulatory systems, improving the feeling of tired legs, as well as strengthening the heart.


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