Definitive measures to save water at home

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The big problem of the lack of water

In this article, we are going to see the measures that we can adopt to save water at home. As simple and every day as turning on the tap and water coming out, today it is a miracle for a very important part of the world we inhabit. There are regions where there is not a single drop of water for human consumption and this simple reason should make us understand how privileged we are in this galaxy.

We can go further and talk about the great problem that is the lack of water, not only in underdeveloped countries but in our small world of privileges. It is increasingly important to raise awareness, and do our bit to save water at home. If we apply the tips to be sustainable well, it is not a difficult task.

We want to make you part of these simple gestures to save water

  • There are taps that open and close with a push button. With these taps we would save almost 50% of the water that we usually use. The consumption of a conventional tap is 13 litres per minute.
  • The double-load tanks will help us save more than 8,000 litres. This system allows the partial or total discharge of the tank according to the needs. With partial load, only 3 litres of water are used.
  • Save with thermostatic taps. These taps have a temperature selector that allows us to program the degrees at which we want the water to come out, avoiding the waste of having to regulate it manually. We can install this faucet in any room: kitchen, shower, bathtub, or sink…
  • If you have a garden, a good measure to save water is to install a rainwater tank to irrigate the garden. When it rains, the water is collected on roofs and terraces, stored in a tank and when you decide, it is distributed through a circuit to irrigate the garden.
  • Single-lever faucets offer lower consumption than traditional pampering. The same lever allows you to regulate the flow and temperature, reducing water consumption while adjusting the temperature. There are different models within this category: with an opening in two phases, with a flow regulator and with a cold opening.

There are other solutions to reduce water consumption at home

  • Flow limiters: They reduce the water flow by incorporating filters. They can limit consumption from 15 litres per minute to 8 litres per minute.
  • Flow regulating valves: Functional in the same way as the previous ones, but with a dynamic response to pressure through mobile devices that more or less narrow the passage of water, depending on the pressure of the network at all times.
  • Aerators: These devices are screwed on the tap, break the stream of water and mix it with air. With this system, we achieve a saving of 40% of water in traditional taps.
  • Anti-leak devices: These solenoid valves cut off the flow of water in the event of a fault, preventing flooding.
  • In the case of washing machines, we can now opt for more ecological than traditional ones, which consume less water, and even with technological advances such as steam. We will also save if we use the washing machine with a full load since the half-load programs consume more than half of the necessary water.
  • Use the dishwasher. Consume up to 6 times less than washing dishes by hand. Use it whenever it’s full and rated A. According to different studies, these A-rated dishwashers consume 15 litres per wash, compared to more than 100 for hand washing.

We are an architecture studio committed to sustainability


Pacheco Architects is an architecture studio committed to sustainability and caring for the environment. All our projects are based on sustainable architecture and, for this, among other things, we use sustainable construction materials and adopt the necessary measures to save water in the home.

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