Steps to make an electrical installation in a new home

electrical installation

The electrical installation is one of the centre points of electricity supply of a new home. Without electricity, many of the daily tasks will be impossible to be carried out.

Many homes already have an electrical installation, carried out at the time by the construction company or an electrical company. However, it may have become obsolete with the pass of time, needing a review by a specialist technician or simply you have to start from zero.


Steps to make an electrical installation in a new home


1. Define the electrical layout of the new home

The first step is to have the plans of the house that specify where to place the plugs, the wiring and the switches for the correct functioning of all the system.

The electrical installation must be designed and defined by a specialist technician or electrician in charge of studying the plans and carrying out the structure marked on that plan.


2. Have the electrical bulletin and take into account the electrical regulations

The electrical bulletin or electrical installation certificate (CIE) refers to the document that certifies that the electrical installation is in perfect condition and, finally, the electrical supply can be provided or the contracted power can be increased or decreased. However, it must be renewed every 20 years.

It must be issued by a regulatory company or by an authorized installation technician, although it will be the electrical company in the area that will give the definitive approval to the document to carry it out in your new home. Its price is around 150 euros, depending on the reginal area.

In relation to the regulatory framework, the rules established for electrical installations are included in the REBT, the Low Voltage Electronic Regulation, which is mandatory when carrying out this entire electrical process. The reason: safety in an electrical installation is vital to prevent problems that may arise.


3. Plan the wiring layout

The next step in the electrical installation of a new home is to plan the layout for the wiring. In this case, the most common is to install it flush to the wall finish.

If, on the other hand, the wiring has to be surfaced mounted, it must be done through conduits adapted to the walls of the house to gain on both, safety and aesthetics.



Steps to make an electrical installation in a new home



4. Place the switches and plugs

Electrical installation of switches and electrical points may seem like the most complicated step, but it usually just takes planning.

Although a technician is in charge of undertaking this task, it is recommended to know that the sockets must be placed 20 or 30 cm above the ground. As for its layout, the ideal is to have two in the bedrooms; minimum four in the dining room, given the multitude of technological devices; five in the kitchen, to ensure the supply of all electrical appliances; and two in the bathroom.

As far as the switches are concerned, it is most desirable to place them 110 cm from the ground. It is more than good that we have at least two interconnected switches in the bedroom and one in each of these rooms: kitchen, bathroom and living room.


5. Install and connect the wiring

The electrical installation of this new home will be complete when each cable reaches that switch from the corresponding electrical panel.

Finally, the wiring of each of the rooms must be perfectly connected to the corresponding light point. This can be a ceiling lamp, a wall light, etc.

Remember that the proper functioning of the electrical supply in the new home requires time, effort and money, as well as the help of a professional so that everything goes according to the parameters and guidelines set out in that electrical installation certificate.

From our architecture studio Pacheco Architects in Murcia we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject.

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