Housing designs with an integrated character

Housing designs

Housing designs with an integrated character. Many people do not know how to live without nature being present in their lives and, therefore, in their homes. It is like an engine that charges and gives energy for daily activities. In it, you can find the inspiration you need not only for your home but also yourself.


A roof that is like a garden, a floor that smells of natural wood, soft fabrics… all these options are used by many architects to introduce nature into their projects.

How can it be achieved?

Housing designs with an integrated character

Elements to include nature in homes

  • Natural roof. More and more architects are investing in this type of infrastructure. Beauty and concept do not go unnoticed in this type of design. They take advantage of the green of vegetation and extend it to the roof of the houses. A proposal, at least, different.
  • Natural insulating material. Cork is an insulating, natural and sustainable material for construction.
  • Natural floor. Natural flooring continues to be one of the most charming options, as it becomes one more element of home decoration.
  • Natural wall. The walls full of vegetation embellish the structure, function as a decorative element and allow us to be in contact with nature.
  • Natural decoration. Having a natural garden inside the house is a great challenge that must be taken into account at the time of construction.


Pacheco Architects, the architecture studio with more than 25 years of experience

At Pacheco Architects we have made the ideas and dreams of thousands of clients come true. We always adapt the designs of houses, buildings and other projects to the needs and specifications of the client. In addition, we offer a service to be able to visualize the final result of the project through images and videos created in 3D.


We invite you to visit some of our projects in which we have included natural elements to build homes, making the most of available resources and developing sustainable architecture.

  • Luxury Cottages Embedded in a British Setting: a former British client asked us to design a concept of cottages to rent as retreats in an idyllic setting owned by our client in Norfolk. The property has its lake and brings together all the charms of the English countryside.
  • In the middle of a Murcian orchard: on a plot surrounded by lemon trees we have built a simple and modern villa that was separated from a family estate of 2,264m2. This villa was designed not to disappoint our clients. Built on two floors with a garage attached to the main building and with a magnificent swimming pool that includes a large chill-out at the height of the water’s surface, it completes a villa of great simplicity and style.
  • Luxury House in Riyadh: A client from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia was impressed with our projects displayed on our website and contacted us to design a house that would stand out from all the houses in Riyadh.
  • Altaona Urbanization: We were selected to create a new concept in Masa Trajectum by the Scottish company Cetiro. A new design and a new approach were proposed for the new 1,500 homes that remained to be built in the Mosa Trajectum urbanization. The villas had to be minimalist in their physiognomy and design. For this, we designed the villas Horizon, Aqua, Campo and Olympus. Each with its character and personality.
  • A before and after in Mosa Trajectum: after we were selected to design the new concept of Mosa Trajectum, clients who had similarities in that urbanization turned to us so that we could also design their homes even more special than the new show houses and between them, this special client began to work with us to make his house simple but at the same time very spectacular and thus Casa Blanca was born.

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