Housing reforms: tips to define the budget of your reform

Housing reforms

Deciding the most appropriate budget for the housing reforms is an art. But with patience, time and valuing what is important, we promise you that you will be able to decide and emerge triumphant. Before making a decision, it is advisable to assess the type of materials, the professionalism of the operators and the quality of the after-sales service, in addition to the price.

Finding cheap labour to carry out the reforms of your home seems to be the objective of the vast majority when we face a remodelling. However, poor finishes, leaks, short circuits or cracks can be some of the consequences of this lack of professionalism and experience. These inconveniences are accentuated in kitchens and bathrooms, where defects in the water, gas and electricity installations cause, in addition to inconvenience, a real danger for users and their neighbours.

In homes where it is necessary to knock down a wall to vary the interior layout, additional problems may appear that make the budget more expensive and make the work difficult, such as unevenness in the floor or damage to the ceiling. In these cases, the professionalism of the company in charge of the rehabilitation must be beyond any doubt.

How much money do I have?

The first thing we must do is realistically calculate the money we have available for the reform, discounting the foreseeable expenses in the short term. For this reason, we advise you to request two or three quotes from the professionals you have chosen. To establish a reliable price comparison, all estimates must consider the same concepts and qualities.

The final price of your budget can be increased with extras and unforeseen events up to 20% of the amount calculated in a first budget. That is why it is very important that you bear in mind that new reforms may be revealed in your home as rehabilitation takes shape. If the money available is not enough to cover the total amount, you can consider taking advantage of a deferred payment promotion or request a low-interest loan.

Some communities offer grants to renovate facilities or improve housing affordability. We recommend that you go to official bodies to find out about your rights.

Public aid for housing reforms

Public aid for rehabilitation is knocking on the door this year. The new State Housing Plan 2018-2021, approved by the Council of Ministers on March 9, increases financial aid so that citizens can carry out conservation, security, accessibility, improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability works with more relief. . . The request for these subsidies depends on each autonomous community since each one establishes its regulations. You can request information at the Housing Council of your autonomous community.

The income limit is the same for all types of assistance, whether it is assistance for purchase or assistance for rent. There are only exceptions for the cases of large families and people with disabilities. For the rest of mortals, the maximum annual income of the beneficiaries is set at €22,558.77, that is, triple the Public Indicator of Income for Multiple Effects (IPREM), per “family unit” or “coexistence unit”. Applicants also cannot own another home.

What should appear in your budget

The most advisable budget is rarely the cheapest. The value for money, the guarantees of quality and professionalism must prevail in our decision. We give you some tips that you should take into account in your budget:

  • Previous planning in which the maximum possible forecasts are included so that in the end the increase does not exceed 10% of the total calculated at the beginning.
  • Deadlines: the budget proposal must always include the start date of the works and their completion, with the corresponding penalties in case of not meeting the established deadlines.
  • Detailed concepts in writing: the budget will include if the necessary permits are requested, rental of containers, rubble management, protection of the common areas of the building and the rest of the house, number of workers who will carry out the reform, materials, finish… As well as the terms and forms of payment.
  • Contingencies: they must always be in writing, as well as the exact increase that they will entail in the final amount.
  • Written invoices: having the invoices in writing gives us the right to claim any possible defect once the reform is finished and even during the following ten years, in the case of hidden construction defects.


Broken budget

To guide you in a more way in the prices and actions that are carried out in a reform, we are going to analyze a fictitious budget that includes:

  • Comprehensive reform of a house of 80 m2
  • Change of distribution of 1 bathroom
  • Kitchen layout change
  • Renovation of facilities
  • Change of finishes and carpentry


Let’s discuss in detail the price and what the different items include:

  • Word license
  • Previous jobs
  • Demolitions
  • Masonry works
  • Ceramic coatings
  • External woodwork
  • Interior carpentry
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Electricity and lighting
  • Paint


Word license

Depending on whether the project is included or not, it can cost between €0 (without the project) and €1,500-2,000. Our technical department can give you more information about this item.

Previous jobs

These works include work to cover and protect the common areas of the building and the elevator, as well as the elements of the house that are preserved and must be protected throughout the work.

Price: €300-400 approx.


In the budget for the reform of your home, you must include the demolition of both installations and partitions. Doors, windows, floors, bathrooms, etc. should also be considered. It is important to be sure that how many debris containers will be needed and the authorized dumping rate are included.

Price: €3,500 approx.

Masonry works

You must make sure that all the masonry work is taken into account, but also the necessary help for each professional who is going to be part of the reform. It should also be included if the door sub-frames, the construction of the partitions and the false ceilings are modified. The chosen professionals must inform you of the materials to be used, the floors and tiling and their materials, the render and plaster, as well as all the necessary finishes for the optimal execution of the work.

Price: €7,000 approx.

Ceramic coatings

In this section, the qualities, the square meters and the price per square meter of the ceramic floor and wall tiles will be taken into account.

Price: €4,500 approx.

External carpentry

You must be attentive and know the exterior enclosures, their measurements and technical characteristics such as colour, materials, type of glass and whether they are silent or acoustic. Also if there are blinds or if the windows are sliding, folding or tilt-and-turn.

This article will vary considerably depending on the number and size of the windows, but the indicative price can be around €5,000 approx.

Interior carpentry

As in the previous game, all the elements to be placed must be listed, as well as their technical characteristics and description. If the leaves of the door are solid or semi-solid, as well as the type of finish or if it has glass.

This budget will be affected by the number of doors and cabinets, if the entrance door and the qualities have to be changed, the price can be around €5,000 approx.

Kitchen and bathroom furniture

It is very important to specify the amount of furniture that makes up the kitchen and its arrangement, type, manufacturer and quality. It is also important that the professionals you choose give you a plan with the distribution of all the kitchen furniture and the type of each one. With this plane, you can see the composition and with the renders, you can see how the final result will be.

We recommend that you choose furniture with drawers or doors in the bathroom, as it is a way to make much better use of space at a very affordable price. Today we can find a large number of very practical design furniture at an affordable price.

Price: €4,000 approx. (kitchen + bathroom)

Plumbing and heating

The budget must specify all the points of consumption, the materials with which it is manufactured and whether the production of domestic hot water is included employing a boiler, thermos or heater.

Price: €5,500 approx.

Electricity and lighting

We always recommend that the chosen professional make a previous visit to the home to verify that this section has been well quantified since there are many criteria when it comes to distributing the mechanisms, but only you as a client will know what you are going need. It is necessary to specify how many mechanisms are going to be placed, what models and what materials.

Price: €4,000 approx.


All the surfaces to be painted are estimated, both walls and ceilings, as well as the brand of the paint if stucco is done…

Price: €3,000 approx.


At Pacheco Architects we can help you in all phases of your reform in Murcia and Alicante, request information without commitment.

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