How should the perfect home be?

perfect home

A perfect home that enriches us is more than something we have; Its a space where we can live experiences that will mark us.

In an article published in The Atlantic about how we value experiences over things, they cited research that ensures that ‘experiences give people more happiness than things, that the objects that we physically possess’. Apparently, what we have only gives shape to a context, while experiences, such as holidays, become something that we can relive and tell others. And, so, I reflected on how we live our homes and how we use them.

If we find that experiences are more rewarding, we tend to think of our homes less as mere possessions and more as places and spaces that enrich us. We wanted to summarize in nine points what the word HOME means for us.


1. Ride to the past

A good home should have a story (or stories) on its back. We believe that a home that is already a few years old, through which other people have passed, other owners, that has been reformed -even several times-, will be filled not only with their own experiences but also with those of those who have already passed through there.


2. The best neighbor we can have

A good home should be friendly and considerate to its surroundings. In other words: a house that doesn’t adapt to the times and society could be a disaster. It´s like a party. Perhaps the most pleasant, and what provides the best experience, is an evening where there are some laughter, jokes, interesting conversations, and good food and drink…

This is how a house should be: it should fit in its surroundings, but without giving up to excel in any way. That is, he must tell a joke – or maybe two – but he must also be serious, refined and calm when necessary. In addition, it should offer a good livelihood, that is, practical answers, so that we do not lack anything.


3. Fit with the environment

A good home should allow us to connect with what surrounds us. A home is not just a volume that is placed on a ground, but it should be something connected to the place where it is located. We should be able to experience what surrounds us when we are inside and outside. And we must not forget that our house should be able to improve the place where it is located.


How should the perfect home be?


4. Open your mind beyond our four walls

Our experience in our house should allow us to reach beyond the physical limits of its four walls. For example, and while being aware that it is not always possible, a home from which we can see the sky can also encourage us to think about ourselves and everything around us.


5. Represent your essence with your house

A good home is authentic. And when we speak of authentic, real, we refer to such pragmatic questions as a home should not imply a difficult or costly maintenance. A house that needs constant repairs can end our patience and good vibes. Thus, it is best to bet on materials whose price, maintenance and long-term attractiveness are balanced. In any case, a home, like anything with some meaning in our lives, will always demand a little attention from time to time.


6. Welcome everybody!

Everyone, from children to parents or grandparents, should be able to enjoy the home. What this implies is that we should spend the same time thinking about the design of the guest bathroom as in the one in the main room; and identical effort decorating the rooms of the children that the main bedroom. As much as it is said that the kitchen and the master bedroom are the most valuable spaces of a house, what will make it a real home is the time we dedicate to less important rooms.

How should the perfect home be?

7. Let us see how time goes by

In a home, a calendar is not necessary to show us the station where we are or a clock to tell us the time of day. The ideal is to experience how light enters the house and gives us all this information. It is, then, about how we experience sunlight during the winter, just when and where we need it, and also how it does not enter the summer when we need to escape from the heat. It’s also about how the light weakly filters in the morning, brighter and more intense as the day progresses, and, in the end, how that glow fades when the afternoon comes.


8. The right size

A home must have the right size. It should not be too big or too small. But what is the perfect size?

Our goal is to have a house where all the rooms have a purpose, where there is no need or space. This exercise involves understanding how you live and how you would like to live so that your home is truly comfortable… like that suit or dress that fits you so well.


9. Enjoy experimenting

In a good home we can experiment. In fact, a great way to live our home to the fullest is through its materials; from the cold shine of stainless steel to the soft roughness of brick. A house without textures, for example one with wooden floor and walls and ceilings painted in some matt color, will create a monotonous experience. It is not about looking for a cacophony of materials and emotions, but we respond and understand spaces much better when we recognize (and enjoy) a couple of different materials.

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