Practical ideas to How to save energy at home in 10 critical points

save energy at home

Spanish homes consume a fifth of all the energy used in the country. Small gestures in all rooms help reduce this expense and save money.

For example, choosing a more efficient refrigerator can mean an annual saving of 400 euros. We will tell you.


Practical ideas to How to save energy at home in 10 critical points


How to save energy at home?

Air conditioning.

Centralized installations (ducts installed in the false ceiling) are much more efficient. Tips to save:

• Set the refrigeration temperature at 26ºC.

• When you turn on the air conditioner, do not set it lower than normal: it will not cool the house faster and it will cause excessive and unnecessary consumption.

• A fan, preferably a ceiling fan, may be enough to maintain comfort.

• You can save up to 60% energy by installing awnings on the windows and properly insulating the ceilings and walls.


Lamps and lighting

Light is one of the most important needs of a home, and it accounts for a fifth of our total electricity consumption. Tips to save:

• Consider placing auxiliary devices for lighting control: presence detectors, timers …

• Do not leave lights on in rooms where you are not.



It is the second most consuming device, up to 7.5% of all household appliances. Tips to save:

• Do not leave the device in ‘standby’ mode.

• Connects all equipment (televisions, dvd, tdt …) associated with a thief or multiple connection base. It will be easier for you to turn it off.

• With these actions you can achieve savings of more than 40 euros per year.



If the cost of all household appliances is 45% of all household consumption, that of the refrigerator represents 18%. In other words, it is the one that consumes the most energy due to its constant use. Tips to save:

• Don’t buy a bigger kit than you need.

• Do not put hot food in the fridge. Letting them cool outside will save energy.

• Clean the back of the appliance at least once a year.


Practical ideas to How to save energy at home in 10 critical points



Almost 3/4 of Spanish homes have a microwave oven, which does not have an energy label. Tips to save:

• Using a microwave instead of a conventional oven saves 60% of energy.



It is a great consumer of energy, since it generates heat at high temperatures in a short time. But its consumption at home is not one of the largest, since it is used less frequently. Tips to save:

• Don’t open the oven unnecessarily to check food. Each time it is done, a minimum of 20% of the accumulated energy is lost.

• Turn off the appliance shortly before the end of cooking: the residual heat will be enough to finish.


Small appliances

Hair dryer, fryer, blender, toaster, iron … In general, small electrical appliances that perform mechanical actions such as beating or chopping, have low powers. However, those that produce heat (iron, toaster …) have higher powers and lead to significant consumption. Tips to save:

• Optimizes the use of electrical appliances. For example, if your toaster is two slots, always put it with two toasts.

• Iron large quantities of clothes at once to take advantage of the energy that goes into heating.



On many occasions the use of this appliance is more economical (in water and energy) than traditional hand washing, as long as it is used when it is full. Tips to save:

• Cleaning the filter and checking the rinse aid and salt levels on a regular basis improves performance.

• It is not necessary to rinse the dishes before putting them in, just remove the solid remains. This action can compromise the efficiency of the dirt sensors that determine the amount of water used.


Washing machine

It is the third most energy consuming appliance. Generally, three to four washing machines are run a week. Tips to save:

• In the wash, apply low temperature programs. They consume less by reducing the energy used.

• Choose a thermo-efficient washing machine: it reduces the heating time of the water, which means 25% less time in the wash and translates into energy savings.



In general, electric ranges are less efficient than gas ranges. Tips to save:

• Manage resources wisely when cooking. Use them in order of priority: first, the microwave; then the pressure cooker; and finally the oven.

• Make sure the bottom size of the pans is slightly larger than the cooking zone to make the most of them.

• Cook with a container with a lid: it will help you save up to 25% energy.


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