How to sell your house fast in Spain?

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We have asked our real estate agents friends what are their best tricks in selling houses. Here below we will show what you can do do to sell your home fast and easy.


How to sell your house fast in Spain?

how to sell your house fast?

A professional real estate agent is an expert who knows in detail what to do to sell a house effectively and, even, knows by heart all the tricks that can be applied to quickly obtain a purchase offer. But for his work, he will charge us a real estate commission that can range between 3% and 7% on the price of the property. Therefore, some sellers choose to sell their homes themselves to avoid paying these fees. The problem is that the lack of knowledge on the subject can lead them to make mistakes that can delay the process. What can be done to avoid it? Here are some basic tricks that you can use and often used to get a house sold fast.


1. Compare prices of similar homes to decide ours

Real estate agents know that it is not us but the market that determines at what price a home should be sold. Thus, establishing an amount that adjusts to the demand, that is, to what buyers are willing to pay for a flat like ours is essential to close a quick sale of the house.

And how can we know what the market price of a house is? To do this, we must value our home as many times as possible and through different means.

• We can look at what amounts houses like ours are sold for on real estate portals. Thus, we can know how much the properties in our neighborhood are priced at and if this cost is attractive to buyers, since most of these websites tell us how many times an ad has been marked as a favorite or how many contacts of interest it has received we have all the relevant information to make our price that little bit more economical that the rest..

• We can also use the multiple online home valuation tools that exist. Most of them are free and very easy to use, so they can help us to compare the prices that we see in the ads.

• On the other hand, even if we have decided to sell our villa without the help of a real estate agent, we can also ask the opinion of several real estate agencies that work in our neighborhood. They will be able to value our house totally free and without obligation. We only have to ask them for what amount a flat like ours is sold in the neighborhood and that they indicate an approximate sale value.

Thus, with all this information, we can imitate what real estate agencies usually do to suggest a sale price: research the market and compare the costs of similar properties to know the value of a house in the market. And so, we can decide ours.


How to sell your house fast in Spain?


2. Use videos and virtual ‘tours’ to promote the sale

In addition to the price, the promotion of the house is very important to achieve a quick sale. After all, if buyers do not find out that the house is on the market, it is very unlikely that we will be able to sell it.

Now, to make our property stand out from the rest and make a sale effectively today, it is not enough to just put an ad with photos on real estate portals. These must have powerful audiovisual resources such as, for example, a 360º video or a virtual tour of the house in order to capture the attention of buyers. Real estate companies know this and at this time, especially due to the health crisis, many do not skimp on using this type of element to promote the properties they sell.

For this, we must not be left behind. If we want our ad to compete with those of other sellers and with those published by the same agencies, we must use these types of resources to upload them in our ads. And how can we get the virtual tour of our apartment? The good news is that there are many websites where we can find this service and, in some cases, we can hire them from 50 euros.


Create the right environment to receive visitors.

The promotion of housing does not end with advertisements on real estate portals. Most importantly, it happens when the prospective buyer decides to set foot in the house to see it in person. It is just at that moment when we can make or lose a sale. For this reason, real estate agents take great pains to prepare the visit and improve the presentation of the house to receive those interested (or teach us how to do it).

• Some agencies recommend their sellers depersonalize the house as much as possible. That is, remove all those objects that are too personal and that could bother or distract the buyer during the visit (photographs, collections, etc.).

• They also advise enhancing natural light during the meeting (for example, having the blinds raised to allow sunlight to enter), since this is one of the attributes best valued by buyers.

• Also, some agents comment that it is important to create a homelike atmosphere during visits. For example, if the interested parties are a family with children, we can prepare a cake in the kitchen at the agreed time so that they feel at home.

• Finally, another trick that agencies often use is to guide the buyer during the visit to get him to sit in the most beautiful place or with the best atmosphere in the house. This can make the person love the apartment and be motivated to come up with a quick offer so they don’t miss out.

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