How to turn on the light in your new home

LIGHT: How to turn on the light in your new home

We tell you how to do it as efficiently and quickly as possible to turn on the light

Whether it is new construction or if the previous tenants decided to cancel it, it is very common for you to find yourself in the situation of having to cut off the electricity. But what is the procedure? Here we tell you how to do it as efficiently and quickly as possible to turn on the light. And it is that when changing homes, between moves, boxes, new furniture, the perfect excuse to buy a different decoration… we forget that in most cases we must register the supplies of our new home.

Find your energy marketer or distributor

The first thing you have to do is choose the electricity provider you want to start a contract with. To do this, you must first define your consumption and your needs, find a rate that suits you between the regulated market and the free market and contact that company.

Companies such as Viesgo, Endesa, Holaluz, and others have customer service through which they guide the user throughout this process. Therefore, the best thing would be that once you have chosen your marketer, you contact him through the Viesgo customer service phone or whatever. It will contact the distributor, which is the company in charge of bringing electricity to homes, that is, it will act as an intermediary so that the supply is finally established, either for the first time or again.

This electricity registration process usually takes between 5 and 7 business days, taking into account that everything works correctly, Viesgo or the chosen marketer had any type of problem with the distributor, such as power outages, it would take process.

However, many users confuse changing the contract with canceling or registering electricity. In these last cases, we talk about the supply, if when you move to your new home you have electricity it means that you will have to change the holder of the electricity contract to be the holder yourself, but it will not be necessary to unsubscribe. and registration of this supply.

What rights must be paid to register electricity?

Unfortunately, registering electricity involves a series of procedures by the distributor that is not free for the customer. They are prices stipulated by the Government of Spain and that the electricity distributors are obliged to collect through the marketers. These are the rights and the price of each one for registering the light:

      • Connection rights: represent the costs of the distributor for the actions it carries out when supplying a new home. They are only paid at the first moment, that is, at the first registration. Yes, they must be paid if more are needed, it is the extension fee:
        • Extension: €17.374714/kW of the excess.
        • Access: €19.703137/kW of the excess.
      • Connection rights: it is the action of connecting the supply network with the installation. This is the amount that must be paid for it €9.044760.
      • Verification rights: after carrying out any type of operation from the dealer, you will have to pay €8.011716.
      • Bail. A deposit must be deposited, which is calculated for each installation and will be returned when the supply is cut off. It is usually the billing of a month at fifty hours of energy consumed.

In this article, you can see a more detailed breakdown of these electricity tolls established by the BOE. If you have more questions about how to activate the light in your new home, do not hesitate to contact us.

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