The largest vertical garden in the world

largest vertical garden

It took 8 months of planning and 8 months of installation to create what is now the world’s largest vertical garden. It is housed in the Santalaia building, in Bogotá, Colombia, and is covered by a layer of 85,000 plants in an area of 3,100 square meters.


Where is it located?

Thus, Bogotá, one of the largest cities in Latin America, has its own little lung, which will provide oxygen to some 3,100 people each year. In addition, the garden has the ability to help filter some of the harmful gases that surround us.

In addition to its power as a tourist attraction, whose design and beauty surprise everyone, locals and visitors, the construction has a high environmental value, since it constitutes an environmental revolution in the heart of the Colombian capital.

In recent times, it has become increasingly important to create solutions through which some of the secondary effects of urbanization can be mitigated. This vertical garden is a source of inspiration, as well as the bubble-shaped medicinal plant greenhouse found in the city of Berlin. With these creations, we observe that it is possible to transform lives in the city by giving it a “green” twist through the construction of spaces that allow nature to be brought closer to the urban margins.

The Alicante biologist and botanist Ignacio Solano has designed and coordinated the project for this vertical garden. The F+P system they used allows for the installation of a series of pillars with green roofs located on the façade of the building.

The current importance of the vertical garden

Currently, it is not just about building large buildings, bridges and roads, but parks, greenhouses and gardens, among others, are of great importance when planning and thinking about cities. Thanks to all this, it is possible to observe that small changes can make a difference, as is the case of the vertical garden in Bogotá or the breathable bubble in Berlin.

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