Architecture studio in Murcia: 3 villas full of light in Altaona


Pacheco Architects is an architectural studio in Murcia and Alicante that has more than 25 years of experience in this sector. One of his latest most striking projects are the luxury show villas designed for the ALTAONA Golf Resort development.

These are 3 different individual villas, designed to meet the needs of the public. Thanks to its design where spacious rooms prevail where the light vibrates every day, infinite views of the golf course from its balconies and inhabited spaces of infinite tranquillity.

  • HORIZON – A family home where the boundaries between inside and outside sometimes seem to disappear. Designed for a quiet life surrounded by nature, where each space will make you enjoy your home. 229.23 m2 | 3 bedrooms
  • AQUA – A design where water surrounds every moment. 287.58 m2 | 4 bedrooms
  • OLIMPO – The largest house in Altaona. Impressive rooms capable of transforming every minute into an experience. 615.23 m2 | 5 rooms

3 luxury villas in ALTAONA


The first of the villas at Altaona Golf and Country Village balances the surrounding skyline. Incredible views of the golf course. The feeling of freedom fills all its rooms.

Horizon has a gazebo-style structure that towers over the pool and overlooks the golf courses. Its interiors make rest the most precious moment of the day.

Its upper terrace, flanked by bamboo, is an ideal place to rest in the shade and gives privacy to the bathing area, which is surrounded by a lush garden.


Ancient civilizations that worshiped water and valued it as an essential element in life, inspired us to design this villa full of tranquillity.

The living room dominates the main space, embraced by a waterfall. It is the ideal place to enjoy the summer and live life outdoors.

A walkway leads to the first-floor bedrooms with stunning views of the lush surroundings.


Majestic and sublime: Olympus has interior and exterior spaces that mix spontaneously to create a unique atmosphere.

In this villa we work with an innovative two-story design that creates areas of light and shadow. The spacious rooms flow beautifully throughout the house.

Facing the golf course, the Olympus villas are filled with light, making each room an infinite space to escape.

Something happens in the Region of Murcia

It is not necessary to be too observant or watchful to realize that, for a few years, what was already a first-rate destination in itself, has reinforced its tourist and cultural offer, mainly highlighting gastronomy and the hotel sector, offering now a complete experience that goes far beyond a mere vacation: beach and mountains. Sun. Quality of life and luxury villas.

And without a doubt we can say from the rooftops that the resort that best defines this new stage is in the Region of Murcia, and it has come to stay. And for you to stay Murcia is a home. A place where the king star makes every corner shine, more than 300 days a year. We have worked for many months on the design and construction of 4 villas at Altaona Golf and Country Village.

Mediterranean architecture is exterior, it faces and merges with the landscape and the sun. Sunlight is life, illuminating gathering places and retreats, giving us sunrises and calm nights.

Altaona was chosen for its perfect location just over 10 minutes from the centre of the charming city of Murcia, a welcoming city. A city that lives outdoors, in the many terraces on its streets and squares.

Altaona Golf and Country Village is located at the foot of the El Valle and Carrascoy Regional Park, which flank the city of Murcia and act as a green lung. A mountain range crossed by paths between pine trees, ideal for long walks or mountain bike rides. Among its treasures is the Fuensanta sanctuary, with views of the city and the centre of a famous annual pilgrimage.

Pacheco Architects – Architecture studio in Murcia

From Pacheco & Asociados Architects we have carried out the design and construction of these 3 luxury villas and the parador that are part of Altaona Golf and Country Village.

“We want to live in the place where we say goodbye to our worries and focus our energy on enjoying a new challenge, a new visit, a new job or a new life…”

We have enjoyed every step of our professional journey, and creating something from nothing, in front of a blank sheet of paper, is extremely difficult. The lines that we draw in our architecture studio in Murcia must be a path towards a concept that must maintain its essence throughout the project.

The balance between aesthetics and functionality should never be imprecise, when our goal is to create perfect living spaces. With these villas we wanted to unite the air of the landscape, unite them with nature through their terraces and the glass of their huge windows. We have played with water and light, essential elements of life. We have made them flow in these homes so that their inhabitants try to be in harmony with them.

Do you dream of living in such houses? We encourage you to contact us without obligation or to make an appointment and visit us at our architectural studio in Murcia or Alicante.

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