The maximalist trend in interior design

The maximalist interior design in interior design

The maximalist interior design is loud, chaotic and very colourful. It is a contrasting combination of colours, materials, textures and modernity with traditional elements and, in addition, accompanied by a large number of decoration accessories.

Maximal interiors are an ideal solution for creative people to furnish their homes, and could be your perfect decorating style if you love cheerful colours and patterns. It allows you to fully experience and reflect on yourself. It is a very personal style, but you have to be careful, because there is a very fine line between this style and a tacky decoration.

Although maximalism invites you to be free in the decoration of your home, you can follow some guidelines to avoid falling into a kitsch aesthetic. Like, for example, choosing a predominant colour, creating a thread of continuity with the same wallpaper on all the walls of the room or asking for help from a professional interior designer who can advise you on the best way to capture your personality in the decoration. of your home.

An indisputable benchmark of this maximalist trend is the home of a well-known Spanish couple, whom we were able to meet thanks to their famous reality show, Alaska and Mario. His house is clearly characterized by the philosophy of “more is more”. It’s full of rich colour schemes, lots of plaid, and a stark contrast of styles. Without a doubt, it is a unique house in the world that reflects the personality of both.

The maximalist trend in interior design

The 3 key characteristics of the maximalist interior design

More is more

Rich and intense colours are the basis of the maximalist trend. Dark colours like black and navy blue are very popular wall colours in this style. The secret to dark wall colour is to fill the room with bold or bright accents and patterns to balance things out.

One of the most prominent design features of maximalism is filling every inch of a wall with artwork and still being fashionable. The secret to creating a maximalist gallery is to forget everything you know about frame coordination, colour, and artwork themes.

The goal is simply to fill a wall with art that you like. The only guideline to follow is to be careful to properly space your artwork. It is convenient to establish the same measurement between each box and use it as a guide. The maximalist gallery wall can have artwork in many different styles and sizes, but the space should be uniform.

In this style it is also common to find many decorative pieces and books displayed on the shelves and side tables. As if it were a small museum, since very often it is about objects collected over the years or brought by their owners from numerous trips.

Personalization of each space

 Your home doesn’t have to be perfect; it has to be unique. There are no rules for maximalist decoration, all you need is a passion for creating a space with personality.

Although maximalism is characterized by great tolerance in design, all elements must be chosen carefully, while maintaining high-quality materials. Maximal interiors are, in a nutshell, bringing everything you love together while remaining consistent in design.

A big change seen in maximalist interiors is the inclusion of striking wallpaper on one or more walls of the room. They are usually extremely colourful, original and quickly attract attention.


Combine modern and classic style.

These interiors are decorated with interesting furniture from different eras, mirrors in decorative gilt frames, extravagant rugs and curtains. In short, it is a decoration with things that give the place an individual character. The more eccentric, the better.

Vintage furniture and accessories can easily fit into a maximalist space. Victorian and Art Deco styles were also all about excess, so they can seamlessly meld with maximalism.

Minimalist decor often doesn’t go well with maximalist decor. However, the vibrant colours of your expressive art could also go with a maximalist style.

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