The mirror is an element to reinvent our home

mirror home

The beautiful and the useful when we want to reinvent or renovate a space in our home can be an object as common as a mirror. These will be the genius that will fulfil your wishes because, in addition to decorating, they manage to generate a great visual impact in the spaces.


We are lovers of the beautiful and the useful

At Pacheco Architects we are lovers of the beautiful and the user because we are not only concerned with the appearance of things but also their usefulness. It loses us when design indulges in beauty without giving up the usefulness of things, or when it creates things that are useful but beautiful.

We have a team of professionals and architects who are always based on the latest trends to design and build homes with a functional design that adapts to the specifications and needs of the client. You can visit some of our projects on our website or by visiting our YouTube channel.


How we got a mirror to reinvent the space

The main virtue when using a mirror is its ability to visually multiply the space. Adding visual square footage is possible with a strategically placed mirror.

Its great capacity to enhance natural light

is undeniable, without a doubt where there is a mirror, we will feel a sensation of greater luminosity. If you need more light in dark areas, do not hesitate to use a mirror and make it your great ally.

It uses its magic to highlight areas and achieve a focal point, since everything it reflects takes centre stage and gains visual interest, achieving a very welcoming effect.

A universe of possibilities in terms of shape, size, colour and appearance. Do not establish rules for its use, play with its shapes, colours and materials. You can choose a large mirror, play with several or create a grid with several mirrors. Geometric shapes and repeated modules add presence and elegance to any room.

They not only gain recognition on the walls but now they are also used in accessories, decoration objects and furniture. Get with the mirrors that your wishes come true, and manage to reflect all your good ideas.


Create a mirror with old doors

We can also follow one of our favourite mottos, do it ourselves, and create our mirrors, how? Well, a great idea is the recycling of old doors. Sandpaper, paint, varnish, mirrors and in a short time we can get elements as incredible as these:

mirror home

At Pacheco Architects we can create distinct environments in Murcia and Alicante as you can see from our innumerable projects.

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