“Natural” the trend that marks the new spaces


Interior and exterior of the house merge to create a natural space

Connecting nature and outdoor spaces with the interior of the house is one of the current trends in architecture when designing new spaces. Since the arrival of the pandemic, we have been becoming aware the need to be in contact with nature from our own homes is essential to create spaces focused on health and well-being. Therefore, vegetation plays a fundamental role in the design of this connection.

Nature is transferred to architecture and interior design through the use of elements such as the use of natural light, water and vegetation as decoration and element of union of spaces. In addition, the use of natural materials such as stone or wood both in the construction and in the design of the furniture.

At Pacheco Architects we know well how to create this natural concept, since all our projects have been designed to make the most of natural light and we use water and vegetation as the main elements of decoration.

The use of light

From the initial concept of the house, the orientation is taken into account to make the most of the hours of natural light. For this reason, in the new spaces, exterior windows are repeatedly used to achieve this objective. Thus, in addition to a large amount of light, an effect is achieved that expands the interior spaces towards the terraces and the garden. In other words, a diaphanous space is created that flows naturally between all the rooms of the house and is enlarged when the windows are opened, since the terraces become part of the diaphanous and hybrid space between the interior and the exterior.

Under this concept we use small interior patios that connect all the floors of the house and allow natural light to reach darker areas such as the basement. Outside, different levels of height are also used with the same objective of bringing natural light to the subsoil and thus converting them into perfectly habitable and functional spaces.

Water as a decorative element

Water is very present in all our exterior designs as it is an element that achieves calm environments where you can relax and enjoy your home. Through the use of decorative fountains and pools we achieve that natural light is reflected even more and increases the feeling of spaciousness.

And it is that the water acts as a mirror, not only of the light but of the entire garden with its plants, trees and decorative elements. It is a table that changes depending on the time of day and the time of year.

Vegetation to redesign new spaces

The vegetation is included from the entrance and is used in all spaces for different purposes such as decorating, separating environments or achieving privacy by acting as a natural visual screen blocking the neighbours’ houses.

The structure of the garden is designed to form small oases full of plants with different aromas and textures that allow the creation of fresh and private environments where you can escape from the routine and the urban environment. We also use it in interior patios to include the garden as a decorative element inside the house.

And you, what elements would you use to build and decorate your house?

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