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Today we are going to put aside architecture, decoration, design and technical advice to give prominence to the soul of Pacheco Architects. We are architects in Murcia who are behind the screen designing, modelling, rendering and millions of other things. We are 9 people as different as they are similar, and we want you to get to know us a little better.

Pacheco Architects is an architecture studio based in Murcia. Our history began more than 25 years ago but today we have consolidated ourselves and continue to work day by day on projects as disparate as they are exciting. In all these years we have shared dreams and sorrows with all our clients: from individuals to international companies for whom we have designed and built homes in Spain and the United Kingdom. We highlight the design and construction of large residential complexes such as Torre del Rame (Los Alcázares), Jardines de las Golondrinas (Marbella), La Manga Club, large sports facilities such as Inacua in Murcia and the Rehabilitation of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes in Barcelona.

We have learned and lived from architecture, but also from all the people we have come across. This last year has been a year of work and effort, of updating, of dreaming big. They have published our projects on leading platforms such as Homify, and our architecture, design and decoration blog receives more visits every day. If you haven’t read Homify’s posts yet, you can access each of them in the images below.

These are 3 of our most recent projects located in La Nucia (Alicante), La Manga Club (Murcia) and Torre del Rame (Murcia).

Architects in Murcia: New links

In this last year, we have also been lucky enough to meet 4 new members who are already part of our technical team: Daniel Pérez, Fran Aparicio, Víctor Pérez and Teo Párraga. All of them have in common the enthusiasm, energy and preparation of all young people in the process of professional development. That is why (among other obvious reasons) we decided to make room for them in our studio. We believe in the young and well-prepared people of this country and what better way to contribute than by giving them the great opportunity to develop all their talent?

Pacheco Architects Technical team

Our image: A new line

We wanted to take advantage of this momentum and keep moving forward and decided to launch our new corporate video, where we wanted to convey the essence already marked years ago, with the new additions of Pacheco & Asociados Architects. The video has been recorded in our studio located on Avenida del Rocio, in Murcia.

We changed buildings a few months ago when we saw the need to continue expanding our team and take another step on this professional path.

Do you need more info? Contact our architecture studio without obligation. We have been carrying out projects both nationally and internationally for more than 25 years. You can visit some of them on our YouTube channel.

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