Pallets: friends of our homes


Pallets have reinvented the way we conceive furniture or decorative objects. More and more people include them as a decorative element or as a material to make a piece of furniture.

A few years ago, we could not even imagine that recycling was going to be such a close part of our lives. With climate change threatening every season, we have gained a little more awareness about “mother earth”, and with this small advance we get all kinds of ideas to recycle and build some tools with our own hands, what today is called “Do it yourself”.

DIY, do it yourself

Both handymen and people outside the DIY world have jumped on the DIY bandwagon and use wood from discarded pallets as raw material for their creations.

The most used material for the manufacture of the pallet is wood, due to its resistance, low weight, economy and ease of repair, reuse and recycling; aspects that make the wooden pallet one of the most environmentally friendly, non-polluting transport tools that favour and facilitate sustainable development. Recycling the pallet allows for prolonging the positive consequences for nature caused by the sequestration and storage of carbon in wood, highlighting that a cubic meter of this material contains around a ton of CO2 and is the only construction material that presents a positive balance taking this factor into account.

To make furniture with pallets no specific tools are needed, we just need boards, a hammer, sandpaper, nails and a little imagination.

Ideas to use pallets in our home

We show you some very practical ideas to carry out in our home with the recycling of pallets.


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