Thinking about building a rooftop pool?

pool on the roof

The dream of all us (more with this summer walking with us) is to be able to enjoy a pool in your penthouse. But is it possible to add it or not? Before going on to talk about the design of swimming pools located on terraces (materials, prices or construction systems), we will consider whether it is really possible to build a swimming pool on the roof of a building, that is, is it possible to add that amount of loading that it is allowed? Today we will talk about all this.


Thinking about building a rooftop pool?


Build a swimming pool on the roof of a building

To know if it is possible to place a pool, it is necessary to know a series of variables that are fundamental. Normally, the architects carrying out the project are responsible for structural calculations, where the necessary reinforcement is applied to the area of the pool to be added.

For this, it is essential to know the weight of the pool and the weight of the water. Also know the age of the dwelling, type of forged and maximum strength. Of course, you can do just the reverse: knowing that, find out what the maximum pool size that can be supported, measures and, above all, depth.

To understand exactly what it means overexertion water weight on the roof, and know that need strengthening, imagine a pool, not very big, 5×3 meters, with an area of 15 m. With a height of 0.80 meters water, not too deep, we would have 12 m3. This means 12,000 liters of water.

Therefore, we would need a floor that supports an overload of 800 kg / m² of water plus the weight of the pool (variable according to materials), which would give us a total reinforcement of about 1,200-1,300 kg / m2. And we can not forget the overloading  of people using it. Even if you are thinking of inflatable pools, it is convenient to have the weight of the water in mind. Don’t forget it!

Once an architect has calculated the structural reinforcements and other variables (ideal placement ideal, maximum possible depth…) we have to think about the most suitable materials. In this article we talk about the types of pools we can build. In the previous article we write about the most commonly used materials that are polyester, stainless steel, and shotcrete…


The fiberglass reinforced polyester is a very quick option to install, although with limited measures and models. We must also take into account that they require more maintenance.

  • Stainless steel is the material that has a higher level of resistance and does not require very complicated maintenance.
  • Shotcrete is a system that consists of the high pressure projection of concrete that allows a total adhesion on walls and floor, which makes it possible to build on any surface with high resistance. It allows savings in the transport of machinery to the work and personnel and ample tightness and impermeability necessary to avoid leaks.

In any case, on roofs it is important to bet on the double vessel: A vessel that acts as a container that contains water and another below that ensures to avoid leaks to the house that is on the underneath the floor.


Thinking about building a rooftop pool?


To finish it , you can use porcelain tile, gresite or liner, that can be  welded and adapts to the measure and has great tightness.

If you plan to place the pool on a roof of a bloc keep in mind that the neighbors may have much to say about it:

With regards to loading we may assume that we have to put structural reinforcement, with the inconvenience that we have to obtain approval from the community of owners.

It is also important to take into account that the owner who owns the pool is responsible for the effects that this may cause to other neighbors, so you should expand the coverage of your home insurance.

In addition, you must always ask for permission to work, which varies according to the town hall, and consult about urban heritage issues; For example, in some districts this type of action is limited. Without going into materials, specific typologies etc, for a minimum pool of about 3×3 m and 80 cm deep you have to start from € 10,000-15,000. The main difference in price with respect to a swimming pool on the ground is above all, due to the reinforcements to be made and other conditions.

The final price will depend a lot on the materials, the type of machinery filtering , or whether or not lighting is added.

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