Pool styles

Pool styles

Designing original pools is easy, if you know how. There are undoubtedly endless possibilities when it comes to designing and building a pool in your future home. If you are looking for inspiration or need advice on this topic, you are in the right place.

Types of pools

The architecture is in constant evolution and therefore the design of spaces oriented to the enjoyment of water and to rest as well. At Pacheco Architects we make an effort to design unique and innovative spaces, in this way we give rise to the creation of experiences that satisfy the needs that our clients transmit to us.

Depending on the topography of the plot (whether or not the plot is sloping or not) we can differentiate between infinity pools or classic pools (at ground level).

Infinity pools or overflowing pools

Infinity or overflowing pools are those that, due to the unevenness between the different levels of the plot, allow us to make good use of the space and an endless sensation, the view extends to the horizon causing a beautiful contrast between the reflections of water, sky and landscape. In these pools the water is dropped at one end of the perimeter causing a very pleasant sound and by means of a water pump it returns to the pool.

However, not all plots meet the conditions to build an “infinity pool”, when the land is completely flat, the best option would be the classic pool (at ground level) but do not get confused, being classic does not mean being boring.

There are several options to prevent this from happening, one of the ideas that we have used at Pacheco Architects consists of excavating at one end of the pool, to create a chill out area at water level, in this way we will enjoy a space where we can sit down and relax having a drink while the others bathe or even in not so hot weather since a central built-in fireplace can be installed.

Pools integrated inside the house

Pools integrated into the interior of the house, a way of creating an interior oasis sheltered from the direct sun, the pool enters from the outside into the interior of the architecture of the house, achieving a multitude of spaces and more intimate and private areas. In this type of design we separate the interior-exterior through a curtain of water to create a visual effect of a cave from the interior.

Within the pool itself, that is, the shell of the pool, there are also endless possibilities, in some cases we can differentiate different heights to achieve areas with different uses, this is achieved by raising part of the ground, which will allow us to sit down by the water partially covered. At the same time, it is also common to use furniture, in this case deckchairs, which allow you to lie down in the water for maximum comfort. These loungers are made of highly water-resistant materials.

Do you want to see the different types of pools that we have designed for our clients? Visit our YouTube channel and discover some of our latest projects.

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