Real estate portals versus real estate online, are they the same?

Real estate portals

Things have changed from the time when buying or selling a property would mean to go to an estate agency and request the service. You would be provided with a fee which would normally be paid in case the purchase would go through.


Real estate portals versus real estate online, are they the same?

For better or worse Internet have changed this business upside down. Now you would obtain thousands of internets sites with all type of proposals for advertising a property but are they all the same, who shall we use to sell or buy our property?


First thing first.

Find out who to turn to in each part of the process of selling or buying a home and thus may avoid to pay twice for the same service.

The sale of our home can take a lot of our own time and resources with the number of steps that have to be taken, not to mention the time we must invest until we find a new owner or buyer. However, the market is full of professionals who could help us. There are real estate agents, but their names and method in which they advertise their services can lead to confusion because of their denomination: real estate portals online real estate, normal real estates. Are they the same? We tell you in what ways each one can help us.


Online sale, only with real estate’s agencies!

If we are thinking of selling our apartment with the help of a professional, we can call on the agencies around our neighbourhood. However, in 2019 we can consider the option of sitting comfortably at home and contracting the services of online real estates that could be in any part in the world.

Thanks to the Prop Tech agencies, today we can sell our house with a professional through Internet without too many problems. Although it may be odd, when we hire the services of one of these companies we must remember that their interest is the same as that of the offline agencies.

The services and procedures will be quite similar to those of the traditional agencies. For example, an online real estate agency may value the house, will be in charge of making the ads, will manage the agenda with the interested parties and will give us assistance in the legal issues (deposit contract, legal advice or documentation request, among others).

Their strong point? Their fees may not be a percentage of the sale, but a fixed price. This cost is calculated based on the services we hire, so we can save a good pinch if we take care of some parts of the process, such as cater for the visitors to the property.


Real estate portals versus real estate online, are they the same?


Real estate portals: the basic tool to sell a home.

If online real estate agencies are agencies that are responsible for the entire buying and selling process, real estate portals are a vital tool for finding a buyer. At present, there are few people who do not use Internet to search for houses for sale and, for that, nothing like these websites.

In these portals we can find all the homes that are sold in our neighbourhood, without having to go from real estate to real estate. In addition, they have all the necessary information to give us a first idea of whether we are interested or not: from real photographs and videos, to the description of the property (number of rooms, bathrooms, if you have an elevator, etc.)


Selling quick? Use good photos

Therefore, real estate portals function as large catalogues where to advertise our house so that anyone can make an offer for it. Its strong point is that, in addition to being accessible to many more interested parties, it may even allow us to place an ad without paying anything. In addition, we will have at our disposal the possibility to speak directly with potential buyers or see how many have been interested in the ad.

Are both necessary to guarantee the sale?

The sale of an apartment entails some expenses that we cannot avoid, even if we decide to sell it for free. So, are we interested in the services offered by real estate portals and real estate online? It is advisable not to discard any of the two, at least not at first.

Suppose we want to sell our flat for free. In this case:

  • We can find it very interesting to take a look at real estate online, since most allow us to rate our house for free. In addition, it is an intermediate point where we can manage many parts of the process, but free ourselves from those actions that give us more respect, such as legal issues.
  • Now, we should not give up putting an ad on a real estate portal. In fact, since they have the option of hanging one ad for free, it will not be an additional cost. But if we want more visibility, we will have to pay to be premium, although it is not an excessive cost if we think it is a way to attract interested parties from anywhere in Spain and even abroad.

If, on the contrary, we prefer to have the advice of a professional:

  • Ask for a valuation to an online real estate and see the prices of the services offered is not over. In addition, if you do not require us to sign an exclusivity agreement, we can use their services while we try to sell the property on our own or with our neighbourhood agency.
  • If we hire an agent, we will not need to put the ads on the portals ourselves, since they are in charge of this part. Not to mention that they will be better positioned than if we do it on our own.

In short, any help we can get should be welcomed. The only trick is to be very clear about our profile and be informed of the conditions that each party may have. In this way, we will avoid paying for services that do not interest us or that may be already included.


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