How to make the most of space in a small house

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In our architecture studio, we give your ideas on how you can manage thespace of a small house

In the world of design and furniture, the perception and management of space play an important role. Making a small house seem bigger or simply making the most of the available space has become one of the great challenges that architects and decorators face when proposing the best solutions for small houses.

How to better manage space in a small house?

On many occasions, it is difficult and expensive to expand the space with reforms or interventions in the structure of the house. However, optimizing only the available surface in a small house is easier than you think and, to demonstrate it, we are going to see several ideas to apply in all corners of the house.

Light walls

The goal is to give a feeling of spaciousness and depth to the environment. Therefore, the ideal option is to paint the walls in light and delicate tones. Classic white is perfect for adding shine and making your furniture stand out. Beige and pastel tones are the winning option to give your home an almost ethereal lightness.

If you cannot give up strong colours, we advise you to leave the ceiling white or use curtains that let light in and brighten up the environment.

Whatever your choice, remember that the colour of the walls is the first ace up your sleeve to give comfort and habitability even to a small house.

Suitable furniture

To furnish very small studios, it is advisable to choose functional furniture that helps us to better distribute the space and maintain order in the home.

When the available sizes are not so generous, compact furniture is our best ally. A sofa bed, a folding dining table or a multifunctional cabinet will make up most of the space in a small house. For this reason, multifunctional furniture is ideal for combining aesthetics and practicality in a small house.

If your problem is the kitchen, you can opt for a built-in model, especially useful in the presence of a simple kitchen. As a suggestion, the wall units and the sink can be covered, when not in use, with simple sliding panels to create a larger counter surface.

In the living room, take advantage of the many possibilities offered by the coffee table that can hide very comfortable retractable drawers or removable shelves, useful both for writing and eating in front of the television.

When it comes to transmitting a greater sensation of spaciousness, the distribution of furniture in a small house will be decisive. If you want to enlarge your living room, place furniture around the perimeter of the room. It is possible to obtain a free and ventilated central space.

Choosing a suitable style

If you have to furnish a few square meters of your home, give up excessively elaborate or classic styles. The shabby chic style with its neutral tones or the industrial style with essential and clean lines are perfect for not overwhelming the environment.

Choose a few important pieces and try to leave, as far as possible, the centre of the room free of furniture to give a feeling of spaciousness and light to the entire apartment.

Take advantage of vertical space

Often overlooked and forgotten, vertical space plays an important role when it comes to furnishing a small home.

The use of space in height is one of the most successful tricks to implement when we necessarily have to dose the space in a small house. If space is very limited and you don’t know how to distribute the bed and desk, vertical solutions are an excellent alternative to traditional systems.

The space on the walls is ideal for organizing, for example with a shelf that accommodates all kinds of objects and items, in any room in the house, no matter how small. Shelves are certainly an asset to consider when the use of space in your home is limited.

Don’t waste a precious inch of your home and choose furniture that can take advantage of your home’s vertical space up to the ceiling.

Curtains for small spaces

Curtains and fabrics in general can help you tastefully decorate a small house. But, drop the idea of rich, heavy fabrics. The appropriate curtain for a small home is thin, almost impalpable. Preferably white, which should caress its surroundings without blocking the light.

If the ceiling is high, you can use long curtains and classic wrought iron rods. However, if it is low, the curtain should be short and stop halfway. A comfortable and modern solution for the windows of a small house? Roller blinds that protect the room from prying eyes and decorate the room with refinement.

Less is more

We have left the most important advice for decorating a small house for last: less is more. Tidy up and free your home from useless, old or even broken objects that add no value to the space and make it seem overwhelming.

In your space, you will need to incorporate fabrics and furniture that are light and compact. In a short time, you will find yourself living in a space that is easy to manage on a day-to-day basis and a pleasant place to receive your friends.

One of the fundamental pillars to discuss the use of space has to do with its organization. In the kitchen, for example, the order is essential and for this reason one of the best ways to maintain it is to bet on a functional piece of furniture that allows you to save space, keeping everything perfectly organized.

The importance of lighting

Lighting is another aspect that we must pay attention to when considering the design of interior spaces in small houses. A wisely chosen lighting system will add depth to your living room, making it appear more spacious and welcoming.

The colours

If you want to give your space a unique personality and, at the same time, add a greater feeling of spaciousness, nothing like colours can fulfil both objectives when decorating your interior.

Light colours are king when it comes to small rooms and helps make spaces appear larger. Light tones seasoned with colour details and impeccable organization are enough to make the most of this room and make it feel more spacious.

Furthermore, deceiving the eye is one of the most effective resources when we want to make the space appear larger. It will be enough to cover a wall in the bedroom or any other room in the house with a wallpaper capable of generating an optical illusion.

The mirrors

One of the classic resources that designers and interior designers use to make a small house seem bigger is the use of mirrors. These elements are used to provide lighter and, consequently, a much broader spatial perception.

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