Seven steps to turn a terrace into your favorite space


Now that we know what is to be confined in our home, ideas to improve the use of spaces that we are springing from everywhere. The terrace is one of those area that that we could improve its use. Making your terrace the ideal refuge for sunbathing, connecting with nature and spending the best afternoons with those you love most surely must be now a must.

While terraces in the countryside and rural areas are a perfect space to see the stars, spend the afternoon and connect with nature, in large cities they are used as a perfect meeting point, a high place in which to have a chat, surround yourself with friends or just escape from everyday stress.

To create the terrace of your dreams you don’t need a huge investment or be an expert in plants or carpentry. Just follow these simple steps to make this place your favorite space.

Your terrace is not a closet to accumulate objects that have not been used for years. The first step to remodel it is to get rid of it.


Seven steps to turn a terrace into your favorite space


Define the style of your terrace.

Like any home project, the first step is to think about what the use will be for your terrace taking into account the size of that space. The best option is usually a middle point between creating that elevated garden of which you are proud and giving shape to a point of relaxation and meeting, where you can read together with your favorite drink on a sunny day, or to organize a party with more friends.

Your terrace must adapt to your comfort. A wine lover may have a small wooden canteen with glasses ready to receive their guests. Furniture should represent your tastes. Just because most people dream of a beach table and grill doesn’t mean you should do the same on your terrace. Furniture is an essential part of any space and delimits your activities in it.

If you love sunbathing, you should include a sun bed, reclining chairs, or even an outdoor bed if you have enough space. The only rule to create a perfect terrace is to think about your comfort and how you will use it.


Choose the right materials.

The success of your terrace depends largely on the materials you choose for the table, chairs or armchairs that will be part of it. Take into account the weather throughout the year, how protected it is from the elements and the activities you will do in it.

If you are looking for strength and durability, teak wood is the most appreciated outdoor material. You can also choose plastic chairs and armchairs such as textilene or artificial rattan ideal for a lounge terrace with ample seating. If your space is smaller, an option can be folding chairs, both wooden and blacksmith, as well as a small round table for the essentials.

It is not impossible to have an evergreen terrace if you choose evergreen plants instead of flowers that will wilt in the colder months.


Vegetation and plants.

No terrace is complete without careful choice of plants. Although the first criteria to follow depends entirely on your tastes, it is important to take into account the climate and the resistance of the plants to grow outdoors. Here on the East of Spain is important to have plants that require little water and are resistant to the sun. Keep in mind that some flowering plants will bring your space to life with their colours for a few months, but in autumn and winter they will disappear.

Choose species that do not require maximum care, green hanging bushes and plants that you can guide. Unlike a garden, on the terrace you can occupy the roof, the walls and even the rails with all kinds of species, such as vines and climbers, cacti and succulents and even fruit trees in pots or small plants in flowerpots.

Add elements that highlight your decorative style, such as pictures on the walls that resist the outdoors, cushions or a hammock.


Seven steps to turn a terrace into your favorite space


Shape your shelter.

A terrace should function as a refuge in every way: it will not only be a place of shelter where you can take a break from the outside and get in touch with nature, it should also work when it rains or on the hottest days of the year.

If your terrace does not have a porch or roof, you can make an umbrella that meets your needs and open it only when necessary.

Add elements that highlight your decorative style, such as pictures on the walls that resist the outdoors, cushions or a hammock.


Privacy an important factor.

It is useless to have a dream terrace if you do not feel comfortable when you meet your friends or you have the feeling that the rest of the windows of the other buildings break into your privacy.

To avoid this problem, you can think of solutions such as a retractable awning that will also cover the sun, create a wooden wall or use vegetation that forms natural walls. Vines and climbers could quickly solve this problem by guiding them along a fence or gap. Bamboo is also widely used as a natural separator, as are large potted trees.

If your space does not receive artificial light, use discreet and elegant floor lighting in the corners and access to the terrace, as well as hanging lamps or wall lights.


The right lighting.

Your terrace should have two aspects: the one that appears during the day, highlighting the colours of the flowers and your decoration, and the one that maintains the warmth of the place once the sun goes down.

The series of lights that line the walls and railings are a good choice for a small terrace, while larger spotlights that run across the ceiling from side to side may be the solution on a larger space.


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