How to decorate your house in summer time

summer time

In this article we are going to give you some tips so that you can transform the decoration of your home this summer time quickly and economically.

With the change of season, we may want to give a face lift to the decoration of our house and with a few modifications that we can do we can make great improvements. The good weather and the arrival of the holidays encourage us to flee from the boring and cold decoration that characterizes the winter season and to look for fresh and relaxed environments where we can shelter from the heat.


Tips to transform your home this summer

In one of our latest articles, “Natural” the trend that marks new spaces, we talked about how important it is for us to create environments oriented to health and well-being where the natural style acquires great relevance. In this sense, natural materials such as wood, fabrics or natural fibres are very present in all decoration elements.

Changing the style of your house is as simple as modifying small details that transform it into a totally different place. With natural materials, the use of colours and the enhancement of natural light you can create new spaces.

To achieve a summery atmosphere, you can start by laying rugs made of fabrics such as cotton, linen or natural fibres that create an island and marine style. In addition, using light coloured curtains you will achieve this same effect. And it is that the different textures and colours of the fabrics transport us to specific seasons and tell us about the character and personality of the owners. Since, just by changing the covers of the cushions, sofas or bedding you will see how the space is transformed.

The use of mirrors will help you distribute light in the darkest areas of your house. Putting plants and vases with dried flowers will also create a fresh and homey environment in which to relax and enjoy those well-deserved vacations.

Some more decorating tips

At Pacheco Architects we have many more tips so you can decorate your entire home with style. We know that interior decoration is a way to express your character and personality. For this reason, we normally carry out a complete consulting process and accompany our clients at all stages until they get the house of their dreams.

From the planning of the house, through construction, interior decoration and finishing with exterior decoration and gardening, we design in detail the result that will be obtained. In addition, our clients can see in a video with 3D scenarios what their future home will look like and actively participate in how the design will be developed.

You can visit some of our projects on our YouTube channel. As you will see, our clients can not only know exactly what the house we have designed will be like, but also what the distribution of light will be like during the day in the different rooms and even how intimate they will be with the surrounding houses. . .

If you need a team to decorate your home or business in more detail, you can contact us without obligation.

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