The Trulli: the rural is booming

the trulli

The Trulli, the famous and unusual construction located in Apuglia, in the south of Italy, has a history and symbology that goes back centuries.

In the Itria Valley, on the heel of the Italian boot, there are some rural buildings that once served as a refuge for farmers and today have become an oasis of peace for travellers. These houses are known as the “Trulli” and those responsible for Holidu have announced more than 1,300 homes for us to stay in during July and August, unaware of the passage of time, in these convulsive times where silence is pursued, paid for and not is always found.

Trulli: The typical architecture of Apulia

These long-awaited constructions are unique in themselves: on some of their roofs, you can still see symbols that the ancient settlers drew to attract good luck in the harvest, health and family, basic pillars of that society.

The Trulli was built with local stone using the drywall technique, without cement, but the internal temperature is excellent, thanks to the depth of the walls and the small number of openings.

The presence of this type of architecture in Valle d’Itria is due to the influence of Middle Eastern culture. Castellana Grotte, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Alberobello are some of the towns where we can see more buildings of this type.

The inside of the teal

The depth of the walls of the Trulli, together with a very small number of openings, guarantees an excellent conservation of the internal temperature regardless of the external thermal conditions. In summer, the stones are released from cool storage to ensure a pleasant stay even in the hot summer months.

The wooden beams sometimes present inside the Trulli have never had structural functions, as might be thought. In fact, they were created for hygiene reasons, to hang food and cultivation material, thus avoiding leaving them on the ground.

The price of accommodation in the low season with a capacity for two people costs an average of 556 euros per week. During the high season prices double to almost 909 euros on average per week.

A trip to the past in a comfortable town and in an exclusive house can make us disconnect from the suffocated present that surrounds us.

At Pacheco Architects we are passionate about the history of architecture and seeing how it has developed over the centuries. The Trulli are just a small sample of the great multitude of constructions throughout the planet of ancient populations that are still preserved and we can enjoy.

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