Tips, apps and inspiration for painting a house

painting a house.

One of our best allies when decorating our home is colour since painting a house allows us to define the personality of our house without the need for work and reforms. We can paint two rooms the same, keeping the distribution, lighting and furniture the same, but changing the tonality of the colours, and what would we get? A completely different result in the rooms, because we would endow different personalities with that different tonality. In this article you will see the main Tips, apps and inspiration for painting a house.

Colour and its shades

Playing with colour and its shades when painting a house gives us the possibility of widening or narrowing a space, playing with heights, highlighting walls or specific areas, and providing light and we can even change the perception of the room temperature by playing with the heat and the cold colours.

The decorative use of colour also allows us to create different environments. For example, neutral colours or blues and greens are capable of relaxing and inspiring environments, ideal for a living room or bedroom. Reds, oranges and yellows bring energy and dynamism, a great idea to paint a children’s playroom or a kitchen.

Colour can influence our physical and mental health: by choosing the colours of our house, we are reflecting our personality, since the perception of colour is totally subjective; In addition, depending on the colours chosen for the room, we create certain atmospheres that can create tranquillity or nervousness depending on the colour.

Colour palettes are a fundamental tool to decide the painting of your house. The choice is not based on opting for a single colour, but on choosing a range of colours that work with each other and harmonize with both your home and your emotions.

Colour changes everything, from perspectives to sensations. It is a creative way to achieve the atmosphere you want in your home, although we must arm ourselves with patience: choosing and changing colours is not an easy task. Taste, sensitivity and patience is what we need to choose colour ranges that work. Unsurprisingly, most end up with confident combinations of neutral tones or a white wrap with a pop of rich colour. But there are more options. Dare to change your house with the simple exercise of painting it.

Identify your style

Do not think about colours, first visualize the atmosphere you want to create. The range of colours is so wide and its combinations so extensive that the idea of thinking about it will overwhelm you… First visualize the objective: what environment are you looking for? In what room?

Look for inspiration

Today we have so much information and inspiration on the Internet. Platforms like Pinterest, Homify, Habitissimo or Houzz offer us endless images to be able to choose different ideas. You can create your own panels with inspiration and ideas about any room, materials, or furniture…

But you can also do it in the most traditional way, by contacting architects and/or decorators. In our architecture studio, we will help you create that environment you are looking for, we will observe the space, the light, and the furniture…

Some apps that can help you paint a house

Today technology can help us in many daily tasks and makes our lives easier in many ways. There are many useful apps for our home: from applications to search for recipes, to extra help to paint our home. Give technology a chance and let yourself be guided through the arduous path of choosing the curtains for your home.



This app helps you in an unimaginable way. The process is as follows: you take a photo of the room you want to paint; you choose a colour and everything is done for you. The app creates a preview of what the room would look like with the chosen colours. You can take photos of objects that have similar or identical colours to the ones you want in your home and Colour Smart will tell you the exact name of the colour and calculate the amount of paint you need.


This application is also very useful and allows you to instantly see the chosen colours in the room, share your designs and ideas, save your colours and try them in your home. This app is created by the Bruguer paint brand. They have stores all over Spain and of very good quality and variety: matte, satin, glossy, chalk paint… On their website, you can find a lot of inspiration and advice so you don’t get lost in the world of paints. You will find tips to take care of your brushes, colours of the year, to tips to choose a good decorator.


This application allows you to find the perfect colours to paint a house in an instant, you can visualize how a certain colour will look in your home. Simply take a photo of the room you’d like to paint, choose the “live view” option, and browse thousands of paint and stain options. When you find the painting you are interested in, simply touch the surface and apply the colour, and you can see how it looks in a very realistic way.

Plus, it lets you automatically adjust shadows, angles, lines, and lighting so you can get a better idea of how that colour will look in your chosen room.

Some practical tips for painting a house

Make a list of the materials you need. If you decide to paint your house yourself, make a list of the materials you need. Some essential things are:

  • Painting: try to make it of good quality. Do not look at the price, the results you will get will be totally different if you bet on spending a little more.
  • Rollers suitable for the type of wall
  • Extendable handle
  • Ladder
  • Gap and Corner Brush
  • Scotch tape
  • Big bucket
  • Protection for doors and floors.
  • Clothes you can stain


Protect the floor and furniture. We recommend that you use paper for the floor and plastic furniture or old rags. This is 100% mandatory because even if you don’t think you’re going to stain, in the end, you will stain and with total security, they will be stains that are difficult to remove and that can damage your furniture.

If you don’t want to remove the paint, remove the masking tape as soon as it is completely dry. Try to do it by removing it parallel and very carefully.

If it’s damp or chipped, a simple coat of paint won’t solve the problem. First, you will have to clean the wall and cover the flaws with putty and then prepare the wall to give it a coat of paint. There are anti-humidity paints that work very well for rooms such as bathrooms or the most humid areas of your house.

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