Tips for decorating your terrace

tips for decorating

At last the temperatures rise and the desire to enjoy a space outside arrives. Tips for decorating: If your house has a garden or terrace, it’s time to prepare it!! Don’t be afraid to reform it, change the floor, fill it with plants and suggestive textiles… because the change you will get will be wonderful. In fact, many are the mistakes that we make when we decorate it and the result of it is terrible. If you want to avoid these failures, read these 7 mistakes that you should not make on your terrace so that it looks beautiful.


Tips for decorating your terrace


1. Are you afraid of the reforms?

Many people panic about the reforms but it’s time to take that fear away and dare. Changing the wall or the floor of the terrace is very easy and the result is spectacular.

If you dare to reform the kitchen or the bathroom, why not the terrace? It is important to keep this room in the house in mind as we have the others because doing so will completely change your perception of it.

You will have to choose type of floor, tiles, tiles, furniture and colors on the wall. You dare?


2. Choose textiles

One of the most difficult things when it comes to dressing a terrace are textiles. Sometimes, we can choose for a mono-color decoration and over time, that can be very boring. Sometimes, we bet on fluoride colors and over time, we get tired.

It is not easy to choose the decoration of the textiles that will reign on our terrace but you can opt for Mediterranean colors combined with neutral colors such as white or beige, and thus compensate for the level of color on the terrace.


3. Recycle non-outdoor furniture

Using indoor furniture for the outdoors can be a big fault and can destroy the essence of our terrace. In addition, some materials such as velvet or natural wood that are perfect for the interior, are a failure for the outside because they can deteriorate very easily.

Therefore, it is important to choose materials suitable for outdoor use: such as teakaluminumplastic or synthetic fibers. This way, you will be able to give your furniture a long life.


Tips for decorating your terrace

4. Do not take care of the details

So important is to plan the space of the terrace and the utility that we want to give it, like taking care of the details.

You shouldn’t forget about them and keep them in mind: small details such as pretty flowersantique vases, charming tiled floors and in keeping with the rest of the elements, will make your porch a really nice and well-kept place. And we already told you that you do not want to leave it.


5. Don’t forget the lighting

It is likely that this is one of the most forgotten points when planning a terrace and without a doubt, it is a big mistake. In summer time when temperatures are high, it is likely that you can not be on the terrace for the day and yes at night. You want to read, have dinner, have a meeting with friends … but if you do not have light, how will you do it? Therefore, it is important to see how useful we are to give our terrace to plan well the chapter of lighting. Either with a lamp on the table as the main point, some more subtle light bulbs throughout the terrace or with LED lamps on the floor.


Tips for decorating your terrace

6. A terrace without vegetation?

This is another big mistake. To think of a too minimalist terrace where we only have functional furniture is a mistake. You have to add some plantsflowersgrass… everything depends on the space we have but some natural and colored note we should add.

In addition, having plants helps to slightly lower the temperature of the terrace when we water them. Without a doubt, there is no terrace without plants.


7. All the terrace with sun?

Another big mistake is not to think about the shadow. Of course you want to enjoy the sun on your terrace or garden, but there will also be times where you miss the shade. At the time of eating, when reading a book… there will be situations in which you need a break.

Therefore, it is important to plan an awning in any of its modalities, there are permanent and mobile and many materials, but you should always think about placing a system that protects you from the sun. You will need it for sure.

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