Tips for small bathrooms

small bathrooms

More and more people live in large urban centres. in which small flats and apartments are a predominant trend. In the case of bathrooms, the problem of lack of space is aggravated and, many times, we find ourselves with small bathrooms.

Urban homes usually have very limited sizes, to compensate for the lack of space we can use practical equipment that takes advantage of every corner without giving up on design. This is the most successful philosophy when undertaking a reform.

The first measure we recommend is to decide which elements we want to include and which are expendable. Another option is to choose equipment that fulfils more than one function, such as toilets with an intimate washing function or bathtubs with side access and that serve both for a quick shower and a relaxing bath.

The Sicilia Microcemento Teja washbasin introduces a soft colour tone and its matte surface into the bathroom, making it a choice full of aesthetic possibilities. It measures only 400×150 mm.

Tips to make the most of space in small bathrooms

In the dressing room…

Many brands already have sinks that are 35 cm deep and only 24 cm wide, accompanied by cabinets that take advantage of the lower space and allow us to always have spare towels, or sanitary items makeup products and utensils at hand.

Another solution is to acquire compact models that, like a free-standing washbasin, are hidden inside pull-out drawers or a storage space equipped with different shelves.

Built-in towel rails on the front of the washbasin or on one of the sides take up practically no space and are very practical. The ones with rods are always very useful since they admit more than one towel.

Mirrors can be chosen in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some multiply their functions, incorporating light behind the panel or a shallow cabinet, intended for cosmetics, combs and other items.

A perfect solution to bring design and elegance to smaller bathrooms is the XSQUARE series vanity unit, only 434 mm wide by 340 mm deep.

Private zone

Suspended sanitary models optically expand the space and facilitate cleaning of small bathrooms. Sometimes, to achieve more comfortable environments, to accommodate a new element or replace it with a larger one, the bidet is eliminated from the reform project.

As for the toilet, the compact and shallower models are the most suitable if we want to move freely inside the cabinet, avoiding as few obstacles as possible.

The SANICOMPACT ELITE toilet integrates a grinder pump inside to evacuate the water from the toilet itself and the grey water from a washbasin or sink. It is only 43 cm deep and is ideal for installation in small bathrooms.

Body cleansing

In small rooms, it is best to give up the bathtub and opt for a built-in shower, cabin or coordinated shower tray and screen, designed to fit perfectly together. Lovers of balneotherapy can opt for cabins that offer such interesting functions as hydromassage, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, a Turkish bath option or even a Finnish sauna to enjoy an authentic domestic spa in just a few centimetres.

Shower trays (made of enamelled steel, acrylic or ceramic) are manufactured in almost any size and shape to fit the available space. There are angular versions, designed to take advantage of the depth of the corner, rectangular, square and even round bases that do not need walls for installation.

Some trays can be cut to overcome architectural obstacles. The latest trends point to those of less thickness, prepared to go flush with the ground or placed a few millimetres from the pavement, in order to facilitate access and offer a more diaphanous and clean aesthetic, while facilitating cleaning tasks.

The recessed SMARTCONTROL mechanism offers more space inside the shower and a clean and unobtrusive appearance. It is available in two versions: mixer or thermostat.

Storage without taking up space in small bathrooms

The strategically placed shelves help to organize the products and utensils that we need in each area of the bathroom (gel and sponge in the shower, toothbrush holder and soap dish in the dressing table…) without collapsing the countertop.

If we do not have enough space to enable a module for bathrobes, we can replace it with a wall hanger with the necessary hangers.

The mirror in the bathroom area can hide a practical piece of furniture with shelves and drawers in which small containers, razors and makeup bags are hidden.

The hair dryer, like the brush holder cup, the soap dispenser or the brush can be fixed to the wall with their respective specific accessories and form part of the decoration of the room.

Toilets with built-in towel rails are another good way to save inches and are ideal for small bathrooms.

The NOUVELLE VAGUE composition is a good example of compact equipment of high quality and design. The backlit mirror is eye-catching.

If you need advice on interior design and how to save on flats with limited dimensions and small bathrooms, you can contact our architects in Murcia and Alicante for a chat.

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