Tips to change your house without works


It is very possible that you can make your house much more welcoming without work or reforms. The trick is to know how to take advantage of the space and play with the decorative elements that we have within our reach.

We know that the words reform and/or work sometimes make us tremble. We imagine that the chaos of knocking down walls, relocating walls, changing furniture or having to do without your house for weeks (or months) is never a tasteful dish.

From Pacheco Architects we want to tell you about some tricks with which to turn almost any room into a different place, and much more welcoming.

How to change your house without works

Low furniture, the feeling of height

Those houses of yesteryear with high ceilings do not usually accompany us at this point in the century. If you are one of the unlucky ones whose house does not have a large margin and does not reach two and a half meters, you can correct this small deficiency with low furniture. Play with the width and width of the furniture and you will make your ceilings appear much higher. This optical illusion is really practical in these cases.

Full-color windows and curtains

Give a touch of colour to your curtains and play with shades of blue, green, yellow and orange, so that when the light falls on them, it can project more energy into the rest of your room.

The same theory applies to window frames: if you opt for contrasting colours of windows and curtains, you’ll easily add light.

Highlight the remarkable

Forgive the redundancy of our headline, it is a very real question. Sometimes we use logic too much: too central living room tables and chairs around them, sofas around the TV and low tables. Break with the home routine and take a tour of your house. Think about what elements you want to highlight, whatever the piece of furniture, and offer it a main position in the space. Rescue that inherited trunk, or that beautiful bookcase and give your home character by breaking the rules.

Mirror Mirror…

We have already declared ourselves followers of mirrors in this article, and this element is one of our great allies in decoration. You can, for example, use large mirrors to add more space to a room. Make sure that what is reflected is something remarkable such as a beautiful lamp, the sofa…

A sofa, a triumph

In leather, cotton or polyester; in stately deep, soft colours, or cheerful and fun. Give it the touch you decide but choose it carefully because the sofa is the king of the room. They are a useful element that, in addition to providing great comfort, impose a presence in spaces and add greater interest to the decoration of the space.

Same colour, different textures

Always look for colours that reflect light well and provide spaciousness. White is still the king of our walls, but it loses more and more properties against indigo, green or yellow. Be that as it may, a good solution to make your eternal white house look different is to combine accessories with different textures. Try introducing fabrics, curtains, or other furnishings in different shades of the same colour, allowing the interval of these to change the feel of the room.

Crystals and bathroom, an (almost) obligation

The first thing that every bathroom must have in this life is a latch, and starting from that base you can allow yourself to play with light and space in them. The clearest case is that of dispensing with bathroom curtains, or opaque screens. Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest spaces in the house, and also the least luminous, so we advise you to do without shrinking them with curtains or screens.

In this case, according to our criteria, it is best to opt for completely transparent screens and play with the two heights of the room, dispensing -if the house allows it- with the bathtubs or leaving them with a height no higher than the knees. Thanks to this you will increase visual perception without having to spend a lot of money.

The importance of the room

Call it a living room, call it a foyer, but make it pretty. This part of the house, the first your guests will pass through, is sometimes the most abused. Usable as a coat rack, shoe rack or, in the worst case, as a room for animals, it always acts as a gateway to your home.

At Pacheco Architects we recommend you bet on plants, some furniture that includes a mirror and can offer functionality in its drawers, either to leave keys, flashlights or any type of thing that you do not know how to put in the rest of the house.

See our projects in Murcia and Alicante for amazing spaces.

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