Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer

the terrace

We may not have a large area, but there are solutions to get more out of them and enjoy a personal space, adapted to our needs… Do you like plants? Have you always wanted to have a garden? Do you want your terrace to become an oasis in the middle of the city where you can relax every night? The terrace is one of the spaces in the house that most satisfies the Spanish people especially when summer is approaching. Take note of the keys that we highlight to make the most of the terrace adaptable to all budgets, also the smallest!

If you have a small balcony…

Stop using the excuse that the balcony is small so you do not use it as you should. Think that with folding solutions for chairs and tables, or corner sofas we can gain a lot of area. In other words, when there is no room to pass,or it is not inconvenient either, when you finish using the space you can fold and hang from hooks on the wall.

It works also on the aesthetics side of the balcony by building a nice floor (either ceramic or for example a vinyl tile), decorative stone under the railing, a carpet of natural fibers and plants here and there. Talking about rails, did you know that there are tables and hanging planters, right? A world is solutions designed for mini spaces…


Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer
Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer


The shade is fundamental in terraces, patios and balconies of all kinds in Spain, but in penp houses so exposed to their UV rays it is fundamental to combine sun and shade to be safe and enjoy 100%.

Distribute the space so that if it is very large you have space to create an area to eat or dine, and also to rest. And if it is smaller polyvalent solutions that serve both. And on the floor finish t that we built? The menu is immense, but the mixture of exterior wood flooring and artificial turf seems sublime. Can you imagine yourself in the hammocks between sun and shade?


It´s barbecue time!

Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer


Do not be scared that we do not intend to upload the eternal song of summer to the list of greatest hits. But look what we like that of riding a quick dance at home and lighting the barbecue. Do not suffer for the size or shape of your outdoor area because with a charcoal barbecue with an anti-smoke system, we can enjoy rich roasts, without disturbing anyone.

The model of the picture is called CARLO, it is made of charcoal, it has its case and it needs 4 batteries. But, you can also get another one with wheels just as light and surprising, or even a desktop.


Growing your veggies at home is possible with a vertical solution and the dimensions you want. With stackable systems we get more out of the available space and grow ornamental, aromatic or horticultural plants vertically.

With a set of three modules, for example, up to nine plants can be grown. Design and install urban gardens of any size, with great ease, leaving space for your creativity with modular systems, folding shelves or small cultivation tables.


Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer

Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer


The pallets have the advantage that they are modular, so you can adapt them to your space needs and enjoy their comfort. Also resist long days outdoors in your garden or terrace without suffering damage from the sun.

Its decorative style is ideal for all types of outdoor furniture and guaranteeing our comfort!

Tips to enjoy decorating the terrace this summer


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