WallMasters: a new young brand of digitally print art


Interior design meets fine art in WallMasters, a new brand of digitally printed wallpaper bringing works by Filipino artists to people’s homes.

Steampunk flying contraptions, a surf-inspired seascape and a monochrome mural of ticks by a street artist are just some of the exciting designs offered by WallMasters, a new line of limited-edition wallpapers designed by Filipino creatives. It´s quite a line-up and the artist are really excited to bring this type of art into people’s home. The founder is Scott Kho, who learned how to print big, vibrant and eye-catching wall covers at Gutenberg Print Pack Solutions, a commercial printing business that he owns.


WallMasters: a new young brand of digitally print art


Early this year, Kho realized that he could use Gutenberg´s experience and technology to produce his own line of wallpaper while promoting local talent. So he contacted design consultant Devi de Veyra, a former editor at the defunct Elle Decoration Philippines magazine, and asked her to select and curate the brand´s collaborators. The beggining of his truly moment.

The first edition of WallMasters was introduced at a pop-up event in March 2018, and included the designs of Robert Alejandro, a children’s book illustrator and designer; Tara Montilla, a mixed-media artist and sculptor; Eduardo Zobel, a photographer, painter and surfer; interior designer Eric Paras; and street artist Sex Fernandez.

In the US and Europe, people are moving away from mass-produced wallpapers. Brands like Fornasetti, and italian wallpaper manufacturer, have been really successful in blurring the boundaries between art and home décor. Inspired in that, Kho thought there was a really big opportunity for they to fill a niche market in the Philippines by using local artist. 


Fornasetti is an Italian decorative arts company. A whimsical place where craftsmanship meets design, producing timeless handmade creations that inspire imagination and bring beauty to the world.

WallMasters: a new young brand of digitally print art

The Sun and the Moon shine on the first Piatto Calendario (Calendar Plate) created by Piero Fornasetti. The tradition of Christmas gifts has continued for thirty years thanks to the creativity of Piero’s son, Barnaba.

WallMasters: a new young brand of digitally print art

Piero Fornasetti’s dream of a utopian city also reveals his passion for ruins: a rocky landscape is strewn with ravaged buildings in his ‘Città di Carte’. Find out more about the history surrounding this hand-painted set of plates at Fornasetti Store.

Kho believes that the Philippines´ property boom will support his ambitions as an increasing number of young, design-savvy professionals become home owners. He hopes to launch WallMasters´ second edition by the fall of 2018 and is reaching out of distributors, as well as a wider pool of artist, for collaborations.

Digitally printing wallpaper allows for much more freedom, which is really appealing to artist who don’t want their expression to be confined. For this artists, it´s a way to reach a new audience  and it bridges the gap for consumers between owning a piece of line art or not. Buying a piece of fine art is expensive but having art displayed in your home as decor doesn’t have to be.


WallMasters: a new young brand of digitally print art
WallMasters: a new young brand of digitally print art
Flaunt your Style. Don’t limit your Design. Make your SPACE as UNIQUE as you are. 

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