Walls with their own identity: marking the character of your home


The walls are a key element when it comes to defining the aesthetics of the house since the surface with the greatest visual impact usually falls on them. The way we dress our walls largely marks the personality of the house.

Ceramic coverings are essential to provide a unique definition to the decorative project of the walls. The variety of materials and solutions that we discover to can transform rooms and, in turn, bring spaces to life.

We are experiencing a resurgence of pastel colours, which bring sweetness, balance and serenity. Combined with white and light wood we can achieve environments full of charm that invite you to stay in that room. Also, the trends that are directly immersed in the game of compositions and confrontations, the volumes that are committed to changeability and the abundance of motifs that are not afraid of risk.

Soft colours: sweetness and permanence

Soft colours have a place in any room of the house. The corridors and lounges are dressed in white to create a feeling of naturalness. In addition, this option provides a point of neutrality that allows other decorative elements of the set to stand out.

The ceramic coverings that accompany this trend complement the whites with other colours that are very common in home decoration. Classic but timeless colours like greens, blues or pinks. All in pastel tones inspired by the environments of northern Europe.

Combining different formats on the walls

Combining ceramic pieces of different sizes, motifs and colours is another growing trend. In interior decoration, the mixture of unequal variations has become a symbol of personality: different chairs, playing with the shades of the same colour…

Mixing, associating or joining seemingly disparate elements is a safe bet. The diversity of series within the ceramic collections allows the commandments of each trend to be applied. He takes risks with textures, colours and formats but always looks for aesthetic harmony. This choice is ideal for homes with open spaces and shared functions, such as living-dining rooms, and kitchen-dining rooms.

Pacheco Architects, more than 25 years of experience

Our working method consists of accompanying our clients throughout the process, from the initial idea to achieving the home they have always dreamed of. More than 25 years of experience endorse us as one of the best architecture studios in the Region of Murcia and Alicante.

Thinking of building or buying a house in Spain? We encourage you to contact our architecture studio without obligation and we will advise you on the available options. You can visit our YouTube channel Pacheco Achitects where you can see some of our latest projects in 3D.

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