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Choosing the most suitable kitchen faucet is not an easy task. In addition to the design and functions, the height and type of spout must be taken into account to optimize operation in the water area.

Today, in addition to the latest generation models and designs, they are adapted by manufacturing traditional models to expand the decorative possibilities in the kitchen. If the reform is comprehensive, we can choose the type of faucet and its installation method before planning the pipes and the location of the water intake.

Those wall installations can offer a very particular aesthetic by the most classic and vintage environments. Another of its advantages is that it frees up space on the worktop and it can be found in a suspended and two-handle version.

The water area in today’s kitchens is more careful than ever. From the sinks (converted into authentic operating fronts) to the furniture chosen for this part of the room or the accessories, everything is designed so that the tasks of washing, handling and preparing food are increasingly easier and more hygienic. Within this equipment, the tap is the central element; the point that provides directs and rationalizes the flow of water.

The types of controls

  • Two-handle: it has two independent controls that regulate hot and cold water. The mixture of the two flows is carried out in the last conduit of the faucet. In the kitchen, it is less recommended since it complicates the opening and regulation of the temperature. On the other hand, the tenses that rhyme is usually suitable for nostalgic or decidedly rustic environments.
  • Single-lever mixer: by turning the handle from left to right, we can change from cold to very hot water, for warm and hot temperatures. To increase the flow, simply lift the lever.
  • Pedal: The pedal opening type has been imported from the world of professional restoration. In this case, the water flow is opened and closed through a pedal installed on the floor. For many, this system has many added advantages: the user can handle the tap with full hands and not leave food or soap residue in the tap spout.
  • By sensors: it would offer similar advantages to those of its pedal counterparts, but in this case, the tap can be turned on and off by gently rubbing the spout with any part of the hand or arm, simply when the sensors detect its presence. of hands or objects under the dispenser, it activates automatically. In addition to enhancing functionality in the kitchen, these two taps are never left open and help reduce consumption.


Which kitchen faucet to choose?

Many times the choice of kitchen sink and faucet is made independently, without taking into account that they are two closely linked and complementary elements when it comes to offering their functions.

The idea is to define the characteristics and format of the sink before deciding on a type of tap. If the sink is small in size, it is better to choose a faucet with a medium-height spout: those with a high spout would splash out of the sink. Larger sinks or double sinks work perfectly with the swivel and pull-out models. This type of tap allows you to reach any point in the water area and fill large pots or buckets more quickly and comfortably.

Kitchen faucet under the window

This recent development comes to solve the problem of the reforms in which it is not desired to change the original window and this is practicable or practicable, which is the most common type. When the sink is located under this type of window and a sweeping space is needed in front of them, we can choose:

  • Change the type of window opening
  • Choose a faucet that can be folded down to rest on the countertop, or retracted and flushed.
  • Another solution is to choose a model with an inverted or horizontal spout, which is at the height of the controls or even lower.


Materials and finishes

Most of the collections are made of chromed brass or stainless steel, in high gloss, satin or matt. There are also lines in bronze or bronze finish that are used almost entirely to furnish rustic environments. Other options include black and white washed faucets or faucets made from mineral conglomerates. Some series incorporate inserts of other materials and colours to achieve decorative effects outside the usual image.

Strong and durable

To guarantee the durability of the product, some taps are placed in salt spray chambers for hundreds of hours to check their inalterability if they are installed in homes near the coast. Other usual quality controls are the application of pressurized air and water against the formed or subjecting the suitcases to a high number of consecutive openings and closings. These and other stress tests are intended to ensure the long life of the faucet under normal conditions of use.


The taps that have a central cold opening prevent the connection of the boiler or thermos every time it is manipulated in this position. The models that offer this function, however, always open cold. Ventilation also contributes to saving water and energy. It is estimated that it can reduce spending by more than 25% and by facilitating the mixing of water and air, the outlet jet is sponged and minimizes water splashes on the floor and countertop. The double-opening position faucets have the option of emitting half-flow or full-flow.

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